Saturday, July 13, 2013

sitting home alone on a saturday?

I wish I was at the club dancing... kind of, though this would mean I'd feel nauseous tomorrow which wouldn't be worth it. Maybe tomorrow I will go out because I do not have work the day after tomorrow. I have work tomorrow so I won't drink tonight.

I am observing Ramadan by abstaining from both negative thoughts and drinking before work the next day.  Drinking does get more tempting during the summer when there's not as much to do.

I practiced guitar for about 80 minutes today. Could have done better but had sort of a sluggish day because I didn't feel like going anywhere or doing anything. The day started out with a text from my aunt trying to schedule family pictures around my sister and I's (plus my four cousin's) schedules. She had planned for July 17th which at the time was waaaay ahead of the date. Apparently my sister didn't get it off. Neither did I even if I requested it but I had just requested my thursdays to be off so beggers can't be choosers. I did get that so I'm happy, I have lessons on Thursdays and need that day to practice and hang out with no distractions.

I also put a bunch of guitar songs on a few lists. I'm trying to organize my tabs. Auuugh having some back pain, going to bed, goodnight guys.


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