Saturday, July 20, 2013

Night shifts making me more nocturnal. Some cool stuff

On my way to work today I saw Haeli Z. at the gas station with her Mom. She yelled out "Nobody cares" and it seemed like her mom was trying to calm her down. Scroll down my facebook wall feed today,turns out her and Nick got married! Weird that I just happened to see her in the first time in years. 

Good for them, they have a son together and I wish them the best. 

During the summer I always tend to change my sleeping routine so that I'm staying up at night when it's cool and staying asleep in the mornings until noon or so. I do tend to get stuff done at night, like that's usually the best time for me to read, do any last practicing, whatever. I don't get disturbed much at night so I like it. During the day I have a hard time getting anything done because I have other chores and responsibilities. I think maybe if I tried to be more proactive about getting up in the morning to get things really clean and throw a load of laundry in I would have more time in the day.

My darling Miranda is so happy that I'm home from work. I've been out all day and she's been outside all day.

Today I did a lot of shopping, probably spent about $100 of my hard earned $300 paycheck. Woww-zaaah, big bucks. Lol. I still feel so poor even on payday because here I am trying to save money this summer but it's hard....  Mainly because like most people I really like stuff. Today I got some awesome stuff with my paycheck. A lot of it I got a really good value on because of my employee discount.

I got:
-It's a 10 miracle leave in product. Basically the constant factor that I believe has let me grow my hair out this long... 
-Big sexy hair shampoo/conditioner liters (these would normally be $40, got em for $24).
-Loreal Feria dye (Dark brown)
-Illuminator powder from Saphora
-1 "joe fresh" black tanktop and 1 striped b&w shirt
-Green tanktop

That's all the things on my to-buy list, aside from the mac foundation which I've decided to hold off until my next paycheck. I had a very productive day. Only got 30 min of practice in but my hands needed a break because I had a long day at work.


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