Wednesday, May 15, 2013

this lonely girl wants to go home, lol.

Today's been a good day for the most part.

Granted I didn't study economics or stats outside of class today... So I'll have to do that after I finish this blog for sure. I've been putting it off because I've needed to talk to someone but haven't been able to get through to my parents. Tonight I called Ashley briefly but the line kept cutting out so she could barely hear me. I'm getting sick of this apartment for that reason alone.

Me and Jack just aren't talking now because he hasn't responded to me or let me know why he's not responding to me for about two weeks now so like evvvvvery other time of course I texted him about it. The 4 year cycle continues.

There's nothing anyone can do to bring me down right now, I refuse to let anyone's actions toward me have any effect on that anymore. I have everything I need now except for friends in Ellensburg, unfortunately.

I mean I guess I know people here. I've certainly had many interesting conversations on the fly and asking them questions, but I rarely actually hang out with people I meet here. I met this really cool guy named Daniel M. that's in a couple of my classes that I was really hoping to hang out with (we did once and it was totally chill) but his best friend acted really cold toward me and all of a sudden he didn't want to be my friend anymore.

His friend is Sasa who's been sitting next to me in econ all quarter but I didn't talk to him until today on facebook. He's surprisingly a lot nicer than I expected, like he has a way of acting really passive toward people but once I got to talking to him I hope that we can be friends. 

I just wish I had more people that I could call up and chill with. I don't feel like I have much of that here. I definitely don't blame it on my location, though. Because I realize now that it'd be like this wherever I went. My independent nature keeps me happy this way but it also makes me sometimes feel like I'm missing out on a lot of things.... but if I spent my nights hanging out at people's house's drinking, kicking it or playing video games all year I wouldn't be half as good on guitar as I am now. I sacrificed even attempting to have a social life at the beginning of the year because of it but it's gradually gotten better. Meeting people in business classes where you never say boo to anyone can be a challenge. 

Sipic and I talked on the way out of class today and he asked me what major I was doing and whether or not I'd registered for my classes. I'm like uhh not quite yet (note that registration started today) and he's like, "Welllllll you better get on that then" in his accent (ugh, lol he laughed today when we were talking too it was awesome). I told him that I'd had a basic idea but that I didn't know for sure yet.

Later this evening I tried registering for my classes and it wouldn't let me on. I sent Sipic a message about this and he sent me a super prompt reply on what he thinks I should do. Ha ha I'm taking his public finance class in the fall, really excited to be taking another one of his classes. That's two of three professors that I'll be taking again next quarter but honestly this has been my best quarter academically yet and if it's not broke don't screw it up.

Anyway he basically informed me that I'll be able to have some of my credits double-counted and only have to take one additional class to get a minor in economics. Cool!! 


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