Saturday, May 25, 2013

Just give me more of everything

Today's already been surprisingly productive considering I went out last night.

But things have still felt very uneventful lately. I just want more entertainment, more talking, more being outside, more nice weather, more being with friends, more eating out, more shopping, MORE DOING....  It's just been school-school-school, I've been going at it so hard this quarter I want a vacation.

First of all, I'm responsible for the rent until June 16th. Alrighty that gives us an extra week to get all my stuff back or use this apartment to have a party if I wanted too.. But it's not like I have this huge list of people that I want to hang out with in Ellensburg, obviously. Everyone I want to see is back home so there'd be no point in staying here. I'm just still in charge of rent until the 16th.. I don't know what difference that additional week makes but hopefully it's just something that my Dad won't actually take notice of.

Today I've already gotten some good practice time in, called Rite aid to figure out when the manager is getting back from vacation, and talked to my mom about a few things so those are all good things. It's only 12:33 pm, I still have to run to the bank to deposit that check and grab a few things at the grocery store. The food that I got at bargain market the other day has lasted really well, but I need some frozen fruits/veggies, coffee and belvita for the upcoming week.

I really, really like these. They taste like teddy grahams and hold you over better than any nutrient bar I've ever tried. What I also like is that each individual bag (a box comes with 5) has 4 biscuits so you can kind of use your imagination that you're eating four chocolate cookies. 

Speaking of which I just ate the last of my stale teddy grahams from the cabinet. 
Okay now I just found the go lean crunch. Apparently this has as much protein as an egg so that should keep me going for a little while to procrastinate going to the bank.

I'm hoping I can get a guitar video up on youtube at some point. The two that I have up now are so outdated and I haven't made a vid for my channel in over a month. Ironically now I'm a "partner" but who knows they might want to take it away for my inactivity. Ha ha can't have that happen.

Last night I texted Oscar to see how he'd been and he invited me to come over. I originally met Oscar through Allie. Oscar has really nice guitar equipment so I was having fun jamming with a friend of his and kept on drunkenly knocking the amp over. 

I dunno, I had a good time but I wasn't very talkative last night. I was definitely happy to be out of my apartment and tried to be friendly but I acted spacey. When I got there I was kind of hungry... I remember I'd taken a nap and then texted Oscar at 9' so I must have not eaten since around 5:30 pm. Once I started drinking even just a little bit my head was in la la land.

I texted Terry all pissed off around 12:45 am, lol. I don't even know why. 

So basically my plan for the rest of the day is do what I always do. Just get work and errands done. The weather is nice today, I wonder if it'd be nice enough for me to lay out with my book. I've been reading that finance book and I'm only to page 30 because I'm slow. I'm hoping that I can start reading a lot more this summer. 

Luke J. posted today that he's now giving private lessons via skype. Note that he has an ibanez in this picture? I would loooove to get lessons from him, he can do things I've never seen anyone else do. 

But that'll be after I graduate college and move up to the west side. Which means I'll be taking lessons with Jake another year and three months or so, sounds about right. I don't know if I'd be up to bat for his lessons right now anyway. Jordan S. apparently took lessons from Luke for awhile and said it was brutal, like you've gotta be really skilled to benefit from it. 

 It's a weird musician thing, if your soul is really into it you want to become as good as humanly possible for which means always finding someone better than you to help you advance or you'll always stay in the same place. Figure once I graduate I'll be trying to work for a company on the west side anyway. That'd be so sick to live in seattle and go to concerts at the different venues there. I'm getting bored with this side of the state. 

4:42 pm:

Damn it!! So I went to the bank and it was CLOSED. Which means I can't even buy new episodes of intervention. Nothing interesting is happening today, f* it I'm just gonna practice the rest of the evening. 


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