Thursday, May 9, 2013

You might have won this time. . .

Hello everyone, it's is 5:30 in the morning. 

I went to bed really early last night after kind of forcing myself to read half of my stats chapter. We're learning about confidence intervals right now and it's kind of easy to make mistakes. Lol I told myself if I get above a 3.8 in Sipic's class I'm going to ask him about his medicinal marijuana observation that he's running. Yesterday Terry asked me, "Do you like him?" I'm like YEA. like duh. ha ha, he's sooo intelligent I'm dying to know what the hell he's doing driving all over California asking about medicinal marijuana and probably getting paid to do this research. 

So my rival and I have been talking a bit lately... Terry and I BOTH did well on the stats exam but he got a 28 when I got a 27. He's so full himself right now. I told him look you better keep on top of this damn material because when that final comes around whoever gets a better score on that is the CHAMPION... 

For the 

Current scores:

Terry has 146 pts.
I have 142.

THAT EFFING HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT that I was lazy on... If I had got 15/15, we would be tied. Ugh. 

Well anyway we'll see how well Terry did on this Econ test yesterday. To be honest neither of us thought we did well but about a quarter of the questions I got correct on the test were because he had explained the concept to me that morning. I know I've been stronger than him in Econ up to this point.. if he got a higher score on yesterday's test AND our stats test then I'll be mad

I am going to start logging how much time I study on average for each test so I can alleviate more stress that comes with sitting down and working. Sometimes when I think about sitting down and think about learning something my mind has an immediate response thinking that it's going to take an infinite amount of time... It doesn't, 5 hours is probably my average per important class per test.

...Not saying my speech class isn't important, but I honestly haven't read that book since day 1. The irony is that the exact same thing happened in my first speech class (no wonder I was getting such crappy grades in there) as well. There's just something so unnatural feeling about reading a book about giving speeches, I can't do it.

Damn, I'm kind of tired after all that writing. I'm gonna go back to bed for a half hour before I get up and shower. Morning is a great time to meditate.


10:12 am:

Yo. I got an 84 for on my econ test. Not bad, means I missed 4 questions. Terry bailed shortly after class started with another guy who was going on about how hard the test was. He pretty much just wanted to know his test grade and bailed, he's so stubborn, lol. 

I actually didn't listen to lecture today because Carbaugh was going over the test. I was reading the new chapter and annotating, got in about 45 minutes of studying so that was a plus.

I've been in a writing mood since I woke up this morning. That or talking but lately I haven't been hanging out with girls at all. Not intentionally of course, it's just harder to have consistent friendships with girls when their so wrapped up in their boyfriends and don't really feel a need to have new friends. 


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