Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just keep talking

My stats teacher picked out and lended me this book today out of his office.
I asked him if he'd give me some summer reading and he said I needed to read this to better understand our country's financial crisis. Hurrah. I'm totally going to read this sh*t cover to cover and  try to understand it by this August, I don't even care why the hell not I won't have anything better to do aside from mind numbing retail work. 

I was acting like such a dumbass in his office today. He's my advisor now, I'd think, because he laid out my entire schedule for me quarter by quarter and what to register for and when to anticipate graduating. Do you know how much of a favor that was? He seemed totally happy to do it too.

We did talk briefly, and we somehow got to talking about music. He said that being from Eastern Europe he knows a LOT of metal. He mentioned that he was a big fan of In Flames in college.

Ah! In Flames, okay yeah I've sort of heard of these guys. I know for sure Jacob has brought up some of their songs to me. In fact I'm sure he knows a couple. I don't know if that "Dia de los muertos" t-shirt that he's wearing signifies the band's image but I have seen Rachelle use covers on facebook with a similar style. 

I asked him if he's heard of Opeth... Swedish. Not even f**king close to Croatia (derp) but it was the only current metal band I could think of from outside the US on the tip of my tounge. He HAS listened to Dream Theater of course, but I also mentioned that I'm learning other genres like that I'm learning Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Definitely not a band I thought I'd like but they have great guitar melodies. 

So yeah, happy to have that all laid out. Today was a pretty overall good day.

Today in Stats we actually went to this thing called Source... it was a presentation where a bunch of students presented their research. There was a range of ages, like from highschool to the tutor in economics giving his final presentation. There were also some fashion design people and I asked about their amateur lines. It was fun, definitely a nice break instead of lecture. But I like lecture anyway so it doesn't matter, lolol so bad okay I'll stop I'll stop.

I am totally going to read that freaking book over the summer though. I'm excited to read whatever it is he's encouraging me to know about. When I listen to him and trying to comprehend everything that he says it reminds me of when I'm talking to Jake. I can listen to it for hours because I feel like so much of what he's saying is of use to me. I just love getting to know people that know what the hell they're talking about that I can learn from and trust what they're saying is not bullshit. 

This has been one of the reasons I've really liked coming to college. 

I am trying to be as optimistic about this summer as I can. I've been thinking a lot about someone. Not of Terry or Jack or anything, neither of which I've been talking too at all lately. I'm just so over it, I don't care. But I can't help but wonder what it is that continue makes men change their mind back and forth whether or not they want to communicate with me.

Does it matter at all? Nope. Really doesn't... I want more friends actually in my life right now. Like I just want to watch Netflix and eat junk food with a friend but instead I end up with guys in my life that are always seeking some ulterior motive and either A) They confess this to me, creep me out and I can't be their friend anymore or B) They never do but act increasingly passive aggressive toward me over time if they did initially have feelings for me. 

So obviously I'd want to hang out with girls right now. I don't know, I want to hang out with a mix. I want to see different people that I had at my party that one night, they were a total blast. Like Glenn, Ricky, etc. I'd like to spend a lot of time with my family, too. Maybe sitting around outside playing guitar with Miranda running up to me. It's nice to think about.

Time to go to bed.


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