Thursday, May 2, 2013

3 am post.... Pillsbury taco melts

Hey... It's 2:46 am, what's everyone up too?

Mm, I had a teabag explode in my water bottle earlier and I emptied it out and there's still some tea leaves floating around in there. Makes a pretty refreshing drink believe it or not-- just a tiny pinch of tea leaves steeping in my water. It somehow always makes my day better to have green tea in my water bottle in general I've noticed because it tastes good. Ha ha I saw Alex S. today and she noticed it. Alex takes a math class before my speech class so whenever I'm there early standing in the hallway she probably feels obligated to make awkward smalltalk with me.

I'd like to say I'm normally good with just waving at people but it seems like I'm always making small talk with people.. Just because more or less I am interested in what people are up too. This weekend my friend Bradley is making taco casserole with Pillsbury crust. Damn that sounds good right now.


I have to go grocery shopping "Today" (corrected from "tomorrow"). There's no way around it, I have few fruits and vegetables left in my apartment because I've ate them all... literally I just ate the last can of pears. There's no more fruit in the freezer, either. Blegh.. that's when I start eating sweets to compensate, that's gross. Or spend TOO much money at that stupid student store and get ripped off.

Alright well at least I have a plan now... 


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