Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Hello everyone, today is great. 

Want to know why? Because I've already studied 80 minutes and it's only 7:08 pm.. That means I could actually get more done and not be totally worn out if I wanted too. I'm going to reward myself and play some guitar though.

Yarrrrg, things have become even more passive than before. 

Notice those blankets on the chair? I'm pretty sure that was an indication to me that she doesn't want me using it anymore. Guess who used it anyway because I don't care and need to get work done. I'm sorry that may sound selfish of me but I'm tired of hearing her "sigh" and groan but never actually tell me what the hell her problem is with me. It's almost over. I'm sure she's dying to move out, especially when she's been doing absolutely nothing here aside from school as long as she has. 

I really have no room to talk on that subject in some aspects because I spend a lot of time at my computer doing my own thing as well but at least I have made some sort of an effort to meet people this year. Granted my efforts have been a little futile. Ali texted me tonight saying we need to hang out before the end of the year. We haven't hung out in weeks. I'm happy that we've managed to keep somewhat consistent contact this year and she's a girl I met here. 

But honestly we haven't spent that much time together. Like we've gone to a few parties and usually we'd break off from eachother. The girls that she hangs out with are kind of emotional for my taste. Like they're nice girls, very sweet and caring.. But I just can't keep up. Some girls are just too much for me to handle being around.

Here. Because all of my pictures and posts lately have been boring. Here's a .gif of Emma Watson jumping around. 

Ha ha one of my friends posted this on facebook a long time ago and captioned "I could watch this all day." Granted she's-- straight, well she has a boyfriend so you know what her long term intentions are. But yeah Emma Watson really is gorgeous. I'd like to think she's sort of been one of my look inspirations over the years. I always really liked Hermione in the Harry Potter series too, ha ha people always gave her sh*t for being a nerdy perfectionist and look how she looks now. 

Of course that's a character... Eh, don't care. 

Lol I can't remember if I've already posted this, I'm sure I have.

There's just not much to say tonight guys, I ended up getting a 20/30 on that stats test which SUCKSSSS and I'm not happy about it. Luckily he drops one of the tests so my plan is to do well on the final. Well that's always the supposed plan, ef I thought I'd do well on this test. Gotta work harder.

Terry beat me by 1 fing point. But he got a C. I got a D+. That left a bad taste in my mouth but I talked to a girl that had the exact same problem with the timing as I did and felt better. Her name is Dominique, she's in my speech class but didn't realize she was in my other class as well. 

Uhh yeah that's it guys. Gonna go watch more intervention, guitar, read some econ, smoke my supply and do it all over again tomorrow. The end is near. I'm buckling down a lot now. We've got this week, next week, then finals. Spring quarter's been pretty awesome.


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