Tuesday, May 7, 2013

You nerds out there that read this blog are going to love this.

On right...

Excuse my language but f&^*ing Terry S... lol, who's not even on my facebook friends list today, finally asked for my number. I'd deleted his number because he didn't save my seat in lab, I was pissed off. We did not text eachother for four weeks, and after awhile it became more of an experiment whether or not we'd ever talk outside of class again. 

After the long and... mediocre-difficult Stats test..Man Sipic looked good today up there reading his book... lol he's so intelligent you can tell he's trying to make it look like he's not looking for cheaters but in actuality you know he's using his peripherals. He's from a Slavic country, they encourage cheating and you know he could suspect a clumsy American cheater immediately. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when he cut off most of his hair recently. I thought his long hair gave him the mad scientist-y look. POINT BEING: I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope I did well on this stats test. lol 

..Terry looked up at me and said "Hey, you want to study for econ tonight?" which was pretty ballsy because the room was dead silent during a test. I'm like "Yeah..." so I sat down and he's like sitting there scrambling looking for a piece of paper. I actually took a flash card from econ out of my pencil bag and wrote my phone number on an index card. 

I gave him some shit because he told me that he didn't have my number in the first place. Huhhh sooooo... in those 6 weeks of talking and three or four times seeing eachother you never added my number to your contacts? A-HA touche!!! I NEVER ADDED YOURS EITHER.

But I did delete all my text messages... thus deleting his number... and kind of forced myself to not talk to him for awhile. Sometimes he can act like a real dick so I can't tell if he likes me or what. He did ask me via text if I thought he was attractive.. I'm like...are you serious? Lol seriously he could get with any girl he wants I'd think, which is why I don't take half of his kind of half flirtatious passes at me that seriously. 

I think the closest he's ever come to asking me out on a date in person is when we were studying together and he told me that if I was right about a question being on an exam the next day that he would buy me a beer. This was 5 weeks ago. As you all can see, whatever this is has moved at a snails pace but surprisingly we're studying today. DUN DUN DUN.

But yeah today via text I told Terry about how he's my rival!! Ha ha, he of course didn't seem to get it. He's like "Wait so you don't find me attractive? Idk you compared me to pokemon." Like he didn't get the reference what-so-ever!! But he knows what rival means and he understands how being competitive has helped us this quarter so we intend to benefit from eachother in the future.

Also, YES, the Finance specialization is seperate from the Supply Chain management specialization. Me and Terry are the only two people in my economics class doing this particular specialization, which makes things more fun and competitive. Ha ha ha our last quarter will be the "Elite Four". Lol I'm thinking of my credit sheet as getting a certain number of badges. I'm such a nerd you guys, I could never tell Terry about the extent that my mind just took this. 

oh!! And tests are like battles. So every time Terry does better than me on a test I feel like I lost a battle. So now when I'm studying it's like I'm training my brain... as if it was a pokemon. 

I am the f'ing weirdest person you guys, I'm so sorry. Again, if any of you know who Terry or Jack or anyone I mention in this blog is please do not tell them about this page, I'd have to switch blogs to something more secluded and that would stink because it'd be like starting all over again. I'm hoping that if either of them ever do find these blogs... or anyone else for that matter, that they just don't tell me about it. My opinions about someone often change, sometimes I'll be frustrated with someone and other times I could care less.


Check this out.

That's how many credits I have under my belt now, 69% isn't that sick?! Next quarter I'm taking Introductory Financial Management which will probably be one of the hardest classes I take here because it's the groundwork for everything to anticipate in the future. I'm also taking Money and Banking with Carbaugh. I just love the framework of his classes and how he's so annoyingly repetitive that there's NO EXCUSE not to learn it. He initiates the class too, which is sort of silly at times but he's really jovial so it just cracks people up and puts us all in a good mood even though to most of us we're studying very dry material.

Alright time to play some guitar.


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