Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wrapping my mind around what happened this year

I'm going a little stir crazy guys. Here it is, Sunday evening. I haven't left my apartment except for to take out the trash in over 24 hours.

This is what my weekly assignment logs have dwindled down too. Those thing stressed me out because they always made me feel like I had stuff to do. This is more like... hey look how much time I've put toward this. Much more psychologically friendly to look at. 

Damn I've logged some GOOD time this weekend. Very good study hours and practice time. Whenever I do that everything else seems meaningless and I can forgive myself for not doing much else.

I can't believe today's the 26th of May, and that my junior year of college is wrapping up. I've been thinking about what's gone on this year and how I've changed as a person since I've moved out.

Synopsis of this year...

Picture taken at beginning of the year and another taken just recently... 

 I feel like I've learned so much this year and became more confident as a person overall. I've become so independent and don't take shit from anyone anymore. I did go out about once every weekend and would usually spend the rest of it practicing. I practiced an average of an hour a day. Probably studied/did assignments on the weekdays about 2 hours a day on average but sometimes way more. 

 I hung out with a variety of people but most time it was at my place. I didn't spend hardly any time at other people's cramped living spaces. In fact I can only think of one occasion that I entered a dormitory-- Jessie W., who I just flat don't like now ironically. I did hang out over at Jason's dorm over in Stephen's-Whitney. I have not gone over there in a few months because I don't feel like me and Jason have that much in common. 

At the beginning of the year I was feeling pretty lonely and full of anxiety but I super engrossed in my guitar hobby so I didn't even realize it until I started having panic attacks. I dated this guy named Brendan for a little while when I was looking for some support but once I realized I was just using him as a shoulder I cut it lose. I ended up getting on Prozac around January which helped resolve a lot of my emotional stress and anxiety.

My choice of clothes has changed. I've started dressing cuter as soon as Katelynn and I stopped being friends. Losing Katelynn has caused me to gain more independence. I realize how negative we were together and I think being away from her has given me a much more positive outlook on things. 

One of my main accomplishments this year was doing my first recital, that was pretty sick. Lol Jake sent me some pictures, I look like my eyes are closed in most of them. 

Ha ha I'd have to say the weirdest thing that happened to me all year was dealing with this lady (this is the lady that asked crazy questions all year in my econ/stats class and continually tried getting my attention). I actually just looked up her name on facebook and found her profile.  She stopped coming to class entirely about 2 or 3 weeks ago and suddenly lecture started to go by a lot more quickly. I was really curious why she stopped showing up, and her most recent post on May 12 says that she just found out she's pregnant and her dad was having health problems so that explains it.

Her husband has an anti-gay marriage icon as his profile image... blugh.

So yeah anyway it's been a good year. I feel accomplished but ready to get out of Ellensburg and make some money. I'm going to the tri cities this next weekend. My sister has her graduation on Saturday and I'm going to go meet with the manager at Rite aid. Yup, things are falling into place as they should. Last week of classes should be a breeze.


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