Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday again. As I always say to you all, today could make or break the rest of my week.

I'm kind of worried about my ability to focus these next few weeks. Clearly I have a lot on a my mind... which I'm trying to push aside as much as possible to make room for more IMPORTANT things... Like hanging onto my A's for dear life because my Statistics grade could easily slip into a B at this point when I got a LAME grade (11/15) on the homework...

I looked like a complete moron in front of Sipic the other day when I asked him for help in the lab when I didn't realize at the time that I was too behind to get caught up. Kevin P. came over and sooo kindly walked me through the Excel assignment. That day my mind was completely unable to focus because Terry had frustrated me and I honestly had no idea Jack and I were going to actually hang out again.

I hope that Terry and I can continue to be competitive.. I'm just crossing my fingers that he doesn't make things awkward between us this week and that we can continue to compare grades because it makes me so pumped to work hard. If he stops doing this now it's going to be harder for me to get A's the rest of this quarter. I know it sounds crazy to a lot of people but this is really how my mind works.

I feel like I'm over Terry completely. He just doesn't want to study with me anymore which makes me sad and irritated. I wish we had never had any flirtatiousness toward eachother in the first place at this point just so that we can use eachother academically lol

 It just feels pretty nice to spend time with Jack again but I really just want to give him as much space as possible.

I got a good night sleep last night, didn't do anything aside from sit around practicing really. Allie said she was going to this game night thing so I thought maybe I'd be going to that with her (even if I hoped to God they weren't talking about board games... Have I ever told you guys that I hate board games? It doesn't matter in this case though, I just wanted to get out of my apartment, you know how it is.) but then she told me she was tired after getting home from watching Iron Man 3.

I don't care about seeing movies what so ever.
I don't care about watching TV series what so ever....

I have no doubt that King of Thrones is a good show. I'm sure if I sat down and watched it I would like it. But it's the step of actually figuring out what time the show is at and finding the time to watch it would be the problem.

Like I'm always hearing about King of Thrones and all these other series and I'm like... yeah I don't have time to sit down and get into a series like that. I think that's the reason that I've always liked cartoons is because it's only a half an hour and you don't have to really dedicate yourself to a plot. I've just never been into series shows... or books. I can't think of one entire series that I've read in my life.

I wonder if my patience will someday change in this respect.

Okay it's getting later, I need to think about what I'm going to do today. Here's a checklist:
-Hour of statistics practice questions online
Then guitar/reward...
-Hour of economics (2 chapters) online
Guitar again probably...
-Read speech assignment packet to figure out what the hell I'm supposed to be doing on this upcoming outside speech project.
-Hour of statistics reading...
-Hour of looking at Econ handouts

That's four hours of studying total. Yesterday I did 2 and a half so that was pretty good for a saturday. Guitar practice time is going okay but I'm getting a lot of progress now that I've started working with Guitar Pro 6 again


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