Saturday, August 25, 2012

Milk in the sink day.

I looked up Milk jugs in cart and got this. I was nervous to look up much else on Google image search with the word "Milk" in it. 

Milk is weird.

It's not something we tend to think about very often because it grosses us out... or not, but one thing's for certain. . . when milk sits out it gets BAD

Originally today I was supposed to do blue dots in the cosmetics section, which seemed like a good project for me because I like looking at cosmetics. Within 20 minutes of opening the store a woman told me she was going to buy a gallon of milk and it was warm. The freezer said 60 degrees... Within minutes Linda was bringing up cart fulls of milk that I had to dump in the sink.

Overall, though, today was a good day.. it was not very busy so I was able to finish my project throughout my six hour shift but still had customers to talk too. Linda and I get along well, I think she respects that I'm a hard worker. Jay on the other hand probably hates me because I didn't put some security tags on some razors. He acts like I don't do anything around there because he's never worked one shift with me (thank God). 

Still counting down the days. Let's see, after tomorrow it will be... 

17 more days!

Sunday 8/26 
Thurs 8/30 
Sat Sept 1
Sun Sept 2
Thurs Sept 6
Sat Sept 8
Sun Sept 9 When I say my final goodbyes to the couponers, the little old ladies, or whoever else happens to come in that might've recognized me from before. I've become a recognized cashier at this place to some of them that always make their saturday beer run at Rite Aid.

A few of my favorite beer runners:

-"Gimme some-a those Marlboro blacks." guy. 6-pack of Keystone Lights. He usually beings in a black recyclable Albertson's bag that reeks of cat pee. He wears a bucket hat and speaks in an extremely monotone voice that cracks me up every time he comes in, he's pretty funny. 

-"HEY BRAT." Funky old man with probably late 40's tan lady that somehow knows Josh K. They've always been pretty nice to me, and come in multiple times a day. He usually likes to harass me (in a joking manner), and at times it's annoying.

-Sunday school teacher that comes in at the ass crack of dawn and buys a 6-pack. He's really friendly and he tends to be my first transaction of the day. More than likely, he will be tomorrow too. 

Things get REALLY repetitive there.

I'm so ready to move on, of course, but it's nice to get some of this in writing so I won't forget the many weird details of the memories I've had there. 


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