Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My lame contribution.

Today has felt pointless.

I didn't want to go anywhere because my gas is below the half again and I want to save that last bit for tomorrow morning before I put gas in. I have about $90 in my checking right now, that's what's left of the $300 a couple weeks ago, not bad. I get paid tonight, this is my second to last full paycheck. I get this one, then another one on the 6th of September. Then I'll get paid for the 7th, 8th and 9th after I leave the company.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. It's funny, I enjoy being home a lot and not having the responsibilities outside my own (cleaning, guitar, etc..) but being here too long makes me stir crazy. This morning I got up, took a shower, and put on makeup but didn't even do anything except for play guitar.

This is the editted one that I didn't use. I don't really do much editting aside from the coloring. I didn't like this setting versus the other one because it made it look like I'd editted it a ton. 

I don't think this default will last long, it annoys me a bit because you can almost see the four whites of my eyes, making me look crazy. This picture is just pretty enough to not look psycho, but it gives me a headache staring at it.

I just made myself a cup of tea, for some odd reason I can't locate the honey so I'll have to do without. Green tea without honey just tastes half ass too me, but straight sugar isn't that bad of a substitute. Usually when my day feels strange, pointless or unfinished somehow, I make a cup of tea and think about what I need to do. 

It's 8:30 pm, I should try to read for an hour and then play my guitar for the last 40 minutes or so. I've still got to work on a few songs. Today I started Passive by a Perfect Circle, I hadn't had the skill to work on it before so I'm going to try again now. I really need to stop starting new things and really focus on getting significant chunks of songs I've already been working on down. If I only stuck with one song until I mastered it, though, my song library that I have the ability to play would be more limited than it is today.

I know that giving guitar lessons will give me the opportunity to learn many more songs. 

21 More Days

My feelings today were bored and a little fried. I feel pretty tired of this place and want to go out but there's really nothing to do or see. I talked to Kristin about getting on skype and figuring out what we do and don't have, for the most part it seems like we've got pretty much everything.

This is what I've collected so far that we're bringing:
-Coffeemaker (me)
-Dish soap (me)
-Silverware set (Kristin)
-End table (Kristin)
-Futon couch (Kristin)
-Rice maker (me)
-Misc. cooking utensils like measuring spoons (me) and can openner
-Vacuum (Kristin)

Wow, I'm a shlep, look how much I'm NOT bringing. She offered to cover all that stuff though so of course I'm not going to refuse, I'm so thankful she has all of this. I don't have an extra couch or anything.

Personally I'm starting to think of how I'm going to organize my room.

Here's the apartment. I'm going to be in the larger room on the right. I'm wondering how I'm going to decorate my room to make it appealing. 


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