Friday, August 10, 2012

My Noh face defense.

I love my Dad, seriously, he sometimes pulls through for me when I really need it most. He gave me $100 to pay off the amplifier that Katelynn and Alan are selling to me, which is really nice because now I can pay that off and not have to worry about it. I barely ask for money from my parents anymore and they appreciate it. My Dad says I've been so "cool" lately, and that's why he gave me the money. Well thank you Dad I think you're cool for doing me this epic favor.

I played a lot of guitar today. Me and Jake got together and jammed for awhile. Fear of the Dark is getting SO close to being upload worthy if I'd just STOP. F'ING. UP. THE INTRO. It's so annoying because I'll come really close and it falls apart when I have to make a rapid string jump.

But today was chill. I did study accounting for an hour and a half so that was productive. Today was 33, that means tomorrow will mark 32 days until I move. Not that I'm counting for any particular reason.

I talked to Jason a bit today, not too much. He had a rock climbing thing going on this morning and I told him that I'm not the adventurous type at all. I hate most high adrenaline things like rock climbing, jumping out of planes, roller coasters, surfing, skiing, dirt biking,... All of these activities just seem very dangerous and I don't want to do them. I'm embarrassed to continue that list of things I wouldn't want to do anytime soon because I'm afraid I'll sound like a bigger rag than I already have.

My life is not that exciting.

I'm not afraid to admit that but I feel like I've been in contact with enough interesting characters that it's fun to keep track of everyone that I've met via this blog. Many people I'll forget I'm sure, like the customers that are regulars at Rite Aid that I often feel obligated to feel happy to see. Oh, hey redfaced alcoholic guy that guys beer or wine twice a day here. Oh hey annoying old man that talks about pulling my ponytail and only buys cigarettes and alcohol. They're all nice people at least. At Wal Mart it's so impersonal, at least my job is a little more interesting. 

I don't like people that put on a big show at their checkstands like Claudia. Jay gave me a big lecture and compared me to Claudia multiple times and it frustrated me.

It's times like this that I put on my artificial Noh face smile. Above is a picture of a traditional Noh mask. Noh masks were used in traditional Japanese masked theater. 

Noh smiles are slightly artificial and insincere, but because you're smiling and cooperating there's so reason for someone to be mad at you. I sometimes put on my Noh face with customers that are joking with me and I don't find them amusing in the slightest, when a boss lectures me on something stupid and out of my control, or when I am dealing with frustrating people. Noh smiles are a skill described in the Memoirs of a Geisha book that I partially read recently.

I'm happy my face isn't as creepy as those masks, though! 


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