Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thoughts on death and reincarnation.

I feel at peace. I've been thinking a lot about reincarnation lately, and I think I understand my beliefs now on what happens after death. I believe in God, and I believe that Jesus is our savior, but I feel like our souls on this planet are used again and again. I feel like we are one being that God created, and as time goes on souls go through their lives and when they die they go up to Heaven to be judged. I feel like the judgement is that if God feels your soul is ready for the next stage of life... whatever that may be, I don't know. Probably much better than what this world is. Or not. Maybe it's not better or worse, but just different.

Judgement of our Soul's preparedness for the next stage of life...

But I feel like when God judges you he is more judging the maturity of your soul. How much intelligence does this soul have to it's own existence? Did this soul live a fulfilling life and succeed what he or she felt he needed to accomplish?

Or did the soul live a sad life of starvation and hopelessness under the evil and unfairness on the planet?
Maybe the person died young, never got to experience love, never had fulfillment as a human being. 

 I feel like these souls are immediately reincarnated, rather than judged because they never got a chance to experience life. 

But for those that do go through life with fulfillment in what they do, an awareness of who they are, they experience love (whether in another person or in what they do).. It doesn't matter what culture people are from necessarily, everyone has their own standard of living but emotional maturity and fulfillment as a human being translates into all cultures. I feel like THESE people stand before God and make a choice, do you go another life on Earth, with all it's uncertainties and challenges, or do you move on to the next world, not knowing what's ahead. 

Because you think of all of the millions and millions of people that lived before us. How different we all are, it's incredible to think about. I'll watch documentaries of people that lived through World War II, all the Jews that were treated so horrendously and lived their final months fearing their lives. Then you see all the Germans that were living their lives so happily in what their government was spewing to them was the "Right" way to be, and the lying propaganda that stated that they will stem future generations of the Aryan race. This of course didn't happen, but these people for the most part lived out their lives when all of those thousands of Jews didn't get the chance to live theres. Regardless, they are now all dead. Do these souls that had such horrible fates get a second chance?

I hope so. I like to think that I lived previous lives and that my soul is doing it's last go round on Earth. I'm afraid of death, I feel like I think about it more than people my age. I feel like there's some part of me that REALLY wants to get the most out of every single day, have the most fulfilling life I could possibly have. I feel like if I have had past lives I've somehow done well to have earned this one. I have an incredible amount of opportunity that people around me don't have, and I feel blessed by it every day.

Bad souls. What do I believe happens to bad souls like Hitler and Kim Jong Il when they died. I believe they were brought before God and instead of going to Hell, were sent back to Earth reincarnated into a human in the most horrendous of circumstances created by their own reign. I suppose only then could a terrible soul like that get insightful about the pain he had caused. Not that I'm suggesting that there's time travel in this reincarnation cycle. I just mean the evil soul would be then reincarnated into the rubble of the disaster that they'd caused. Or maybe they don't get a second chance at life at all. 

I feel like we are who we are from day 1. Our looks reflect our environment, heritage, age, and things we've experienced in life or even things we stand for, but it isn't always an accurate reflection of our souls. I feel like  looks do tend to match personalities well, however. Certain characteristics in personalities tend to match certain attributes, you could say. Of course there are exceptions. 

I'm always trying to make sense of the world around me now that I'm getting older and trying to figure everything out and make the right choices before I let something stupid happen. I suppose this is just my little piece of spirituality. I don't know what religion this holds similarities too but I know that I'm a Christian regardless of my beliefs on reincarnation.

But religion is funny, when I see how much dictation there is with religion I find it hard to trust. Power finds ways to control people. 


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