Monday, August 20, 2012

I forgot that my guitar lesson is tomorrow.

I feel a little unprepared again, having my lesson on Tuesday has somehow made me feel like I'm missing a day each week even if it was also on Tuesday last week... I need to practice hard to night to review a bunch of things. I don't feel like I've really accomplished much this week because I was watching Netflix and doing technical stuff versus actually working on songs.

I spent a few solid hours on some songs like.. okay, RANDOM stuff this week but I'm working on 2 Minutes to Midnight, El Dorado, Walking with the Ghost, Pull Me Under (still can't get those f*cking chords, ugh!!)  and Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry. The reason I'm learning that one is because Buckcherry is my roommate's favorite band, she told me this a week ago and when I looked up their music sort of cracked up that they sing that song. It's not too difficult, but it's taking a little work like anything else.

My parents are out for the night. I've got no real commitments tomorrow aside from my lesson and I'm planning to hit up Dani M. for some coffee beforehand. She just graduated recently. I don't know, I've always really enjoyed her company for some reason, she's one of the few genuinely kind people I've met here in the tri cities.

Haven't talked to Jason much this week. He's going on a cruise or something.

I met another girl today that called asking if I needed a roommate. She seemed immediately pretty cool, but I don't think I'd want to live with another guitarist. She plays guitar too and writes her own music, so of course I'd love to jam with her but I'm still sticking with my roommate Kristin. She just seems like the best option for me, she seems very stable, level headed, work-oriented, just the kind of person I would want to live with. I don't know this other girl that called but she seemed really cool and I had her add me on facebook so we can speak again.

I love that I'm making friends already and I haven't even left yet. My network is growing, hehe.

I hung out with Joey A. today. We didn't really talk much, I just invited him over to chill and play guitar, which we did, and had a grand time. I really just wanted to see him play, I remember being so impressed by his skills back in highschool when I saw him playing in his car in the parking lot. He's pretty good at finger picking but was a little rusty on the electric. He thought my playing was impressive too but we couldn't really coordinate. He brought over a Squier because he had to sell his shred guitar.

So sad, I wouldn't ever sell Samara. That guitar is going to be one of my prized possessions as long as nothing happens to it... I love her, even with her imperfections.

I'm also hanging out with Michael Z. tomorrow, that's really good I'm so excited to see him. It's always really interesting to hear about his life in Seattle. I would hate living there, ick.

Oh, it's my parents anniversary! Yay, my parents are awesome for all the support they've given me. I don't think they have any clue what they're doing, my mom said she wasn't in the fancy dining mood. What else is there to do, wine tasting maybe? My Dad isn't really cultured, he doesn't like to do very many fun things. He'll only really go somewhere if it's a room full of weird junk. But he's my Dad so I love him, my Mom puts up with him and gets to live her at times nonsensical spirit Mom life.

I'm lucky.


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