Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Seeing someone for the first time in years

I'm writing to give my hands a break more than anything.

My left hand needs to relax because I've been working on Fear of the Dark for an hour and a half trying to get it to where it's recording ready. I really want to make that second video. I've just it down to just about right but there's still some problems in the intro, as well as coordinating so that the track isn't too loud for my recorder, the amp isn't too loud OR too quiet... recording on a computer is tricky without the proper equipment, but Jacob seemed pretty impressed by my video editting skills using Windows Movie Maker.

I had a nice day, met up with Jordan G. and we had coffee and discussed our updates on life. For us it's been years since we've been able to update on anything, even if she's been living in Benton City for awhile now. I guess I'd never checked in with her again because I was afraid our political views and personalities would differ so much now that we wouldn't be able to get along but I was wrong. We clicked very well and had a great discussion. She's had a lot of resolve in her life from the previous divorce situations that she's had  growing up and now she's starting to get settled in with her boyfriend Logan. Logan's family has been very supportive of Jordan since early in highschool when she moved to La Grande.

Jacob came over and talked to us after me and Jordan had been talking for about an hour so she got to meet my drug of choice this summer. Literally guitar playing has become like a drug.

It's funny, I explained to Jordan that I had a depression problem through highschool and that I was medicated on a few things before I dropped anti-depressant drugs. She said that I was the "debby downer" in middle school, and I look back to 7th grade and I'm sure I was. I was miserable practically all the time because I felt ugly and outcasted. Lack of self esteem reflects and people take advantage of it.

I'm glad things have changed since then.

Susan Atkins. I still plan on making that Sims 2 video of my replica of Spahn and Barker Ranch but I haven't had a chance yet... mainly because of time constraints, seems like whenever I get done practicing I don't feel like doing much else or it's 11 PM and starting a project seems like too much work.

I'm in Week 18 now. Just completed Month 4 recently. Another paper for my wall. I did 77.13 hours in July, which is pretty good considering the the California trip and all. I could have gone that whole week without playing but I took comfort in it when visiting with Grandma created stress at times.

I studied accounting today for an hour, sort of just going over the journal entry process and how to do all that again, Assets = Liabilities + O.E. and all the accounts that go under each headings, the basic stuff that we nailed over and over again in Key's class. I'm also kind of getting into adjusting entries from unearned service revenue to earned. How I'm memorizing it is applying "real life" to everything, imagining all of the accounting circumstances with my little guitar business that I'm going to start, even if it's entirely fictional because I don't even know if I'll be able to do it. Still, though, it's making things make a lot more sense.

Just me and my sister tonight, everything's locked up and quiet so my sister can go to sleep. She's got work tomorrow morning at 3 AM. My parents randomly left on some trip somewhere again.


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