Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I can't believe I spent all my money

Alright, called Rite Aid and made an ass of myself. Turns out payday is tomorrow, I somehow had myself convinced it was supposed to be this last Thursday and got myself all messed up. That means I overdrew my account with my normal balance, which is a complete shame on my part because that's CARELESSNESS.

Time to get this all figured out, calculate what I've been spending on and see if I'm on semi the right track.

Right now my balance is $1,300. That's $200 LESS than I had in May, meaning I haven't saved anything all summer. Isn't that great? At least it's better than having NO money this time last summer.

7/26: Got paid $178, crappy paycheck because of the california trip.

Gas expenses since 7/26:
Amp expense:

Guitar lesson expense + medical expense:
(this put my checking account at $15... I was so afraid to check my balance that I didn't)

Restaurant expenses from 7/26- now

That's $226. In two fucking weeks, even when I was trying to save. That of course doesn't include about the $40 I've spent at Rite Aid. I started with $285 in my account at the beginning of this last paycheck and dwindled it down to nothing. 

The amp and the guitar lessons are an investment. Eventually they will make me money when I'm giving lessons myself. 

Clearly, no more restaurant expenses. I decided that on the 28th but then of course I got invited to this Mizu thing. I've got $30 in my checking account. I get paid on Thursday so I'll have no money until then. I'm so irritated with this California trip, it's fucked me up so bad. I just wanted to earn $1500 this summer. I've been trying so hard but it's impossible.... 


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