Sunday, August 26, 2012

To my reader.

I'm sort of surprised in my spike of readers... or reader.

For the past month I'm getting more and more post views, which is nice-- I mean I'm REALLY flattered that anyone would want to read all this blather that I post every day. I also appreciate that refrain from leaving comments, not that comments aren't nice once and awhile, it's just that it keeps things impersonal and I can really speak my mind without being in fear about what people are going to say. My blog is a much more open place than facebook, most of my facebook statuses are more witty than personal. 

Some of my posts get more views than others because of subject matter, such as my pageant posts when my sister was going to go for Tri Cities American Miss Princess blah-dee-blah. I very rarely edit my posts, but at times when I have a very popular one I'll go in and clean it up for easier readability. One post that I've editted a couple times was the one about my situation over at Trisha's house, reason being the first time I wrote it I started rushing because I was sick of talking about it. When I rush my writing turns into properly punctuated chicken scratch and makes hardly any sense.

Then maybe it's not a group of new readers at all, but just one reader. If that is the case, HELLO reader! It's a mystery to me but I like it kept a secret, this spike in readers makes me feel special but if it gets TOO high I fear I might be uncomfortable, we'll see I guess. I'll always be blogging somewhere.

John Petrucci, as always. 

I post a lot of pictures of John Petrucci because he's a direct reminder to me that I need to KEEP WORKING HARD on the guitar. Sometimes I'll get cocky, lazy... I'll sometimes lack on practicing because I'll watch Netflix or something and zone out. BAD. I am fighting to keep this same three hour a day flame that I've had for nearly five months now, I've improved so much and he's such an inspiration to me to become the best guitar player I can be.

 I'm striving of course to get 10,000 hours someday. Right now I've got about 500 under my belt (about 450 that have been logged, these are the hours I've done from lessons). I think I'll continue to use the practice sheet method when I get up to school, but I'm going to have to cut my hours to two hours a day instead of three because I'm going to have a lot of school work. Well, maybe not... hard to tell right now. I'm just having a feeling playing guitar for three hours isn't going to be nearly as convenient when I'm taking classes full time AND giving lessons which'll probably be a part time job in itself. 

I really need to print some tabs. I've only got a good copy of Pull me Under on my clipboard, hardly any of the other cool stuff that I've been working on and I've gotta make sure I get some print outs tomorrow. I'm going over to Katelynn's tonight (late) so maybe tomorrow I'll swing by the library and buy the sheetmusic printouts that I need.

Work was boring, but Sarah helped me out a lot today by switching and letting me work the floor when she was first cashier. She was in a much better mood than I was today, I got some rude ass customers within my first half hour of work and I didn't feel like being there in the first place.

At least it's over and I've got the next few days to myself. Six more shifts, woo!


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