Wednesday, April 4, 2012


What a fabulous day!

I spilt red paint on my floor, so my parents spent $360 to get me wood floors and they're being installed right now. I'm probably really spoiled. Okay, I know I'm spoiled, but I'm SO happy!! You guys don't understand, I've wanted wood floors for years.

On top of that, school went well. Accounting was really nerve wrecking, again, and that girl that sits next to me is still so on top of everything. She's going to help me a lot, but I think I'm a little jealous-- yet inspired to work harder. I almost showed up late today, another couple minutes and I would of been toast. Probably because I woke up at 6:30 instead of 6. I need to stop doing that, it's not worth it because it just leads me to have to drive faster.

I spent quite a bit of money this week, but I get paid tonight so that'll be nice.

So what actually made my day abnormally well, hanging out with Josh was awesome. We came back to my house, smoked a little bit, took a long walk, and watched a little of this weird juggalo documentary. I find him really attractive, he's got a good taste in music, talented, laid back, doesn't like drama, he's got a lot in common with me, likes being outside... That's definately my type and I hope we continue to hang out together. Another nice thing, he lives only a couple blocks away from work and walks over to the store to buy cigarettes sometimes so I'll see him. : ) Yep, not gonna lie, pretty happy with how today went...

It's 7:15, and my little desk is out in the dining room.

This would be perfect if my sister and jimmy weren't watching TV, so I'm gonna relocate to the family room. It's almost 7:30 and this is what I've gotta get done:

1. Guitar for an hour and a half
2. Do the outline for chapter 10 in accounting. (This'll take two hours)
3. Study Japanese vocab for 30 minutes.
4. Work out for at least 30 minutes.

So i'm driving all the way to Ellensburg on Saturday to go to this spa thing. I'm pretty sure i'll be able to get it off... Went into Rite Aid today to talk to Loraine but she wasn't there, so I'm gonna have to call her later when I find where my phone charger. . . Okay, I don't want to call her.


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