Friday, April 13, 2012

Today has been a good day so far. Sort of productive, I suppose. I got up at about 7 today, took a shower, and played from about 8-9 or so. I had some breakfast, got ready, and watched this show called Lincoln Heights. Really good show on some BET channel. Really enjoyed it. I watched a bunch of random shows today, and brought my guitar into the living room to practice the picking patterns while watching this show I was hooked on. Managed to get about 2 hours of playing in so far, that's ten minutes more than last night. The goal that he set is 180 minutes a day, so I'm going to do those last forty minutes later. I'm really happy I'm not taking accounting, this is like a whole class for me.

So this was an impulse purchase but now I'm super glad I bought it.

It's a little $10 hand exerciser thing that you can use to exercise each individual finger and I believe it also sort of helps build calluses. I like this thing because it fits comfortably in your hand and doesn't make an annoying noise or anything. I actually keep it with me in my pocket at work and use it while I stand at the register bored out of my mind. I also use it when I drive home, or just whenever I don't have to use my left hand. Oh wow that sounds disgusting. 

I don't know if it works yet. I'll have to post if it does or not later. Right now, my pinky can't push the whole button down because there's too much resistance and I guess if I'm sometime able to do that we'll know that it works. It's sort of a nice little ADHD thing too.. 

Alright well I gtg, me and mom are going into town

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