Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Human Resources Major!!!

I'm dropping accounting 202, but check this out!!


I was having a horrendous time with my accounting homework tonight and my mom tried sitting down and helping me with it. It was getting so hard and tedious and I had literally broke down into tears. My mom and me then started talking and she told me to take some time this week to look at majors. She then out of the blue brought up Human Services, and how much of an awesome career it is for women.

I looked into the major requirements and course descriptions... Interpersonal systems, case management, interventions, hiring and firing practices, conflict resolution... NEAT!! Those all sounds interesting to me. And it uses my greatest skill-- being analytical and a good judge of character. I'm also a good writer so that will come in handy. It's employable AND involves people! I think I've found my calling!

So yeah, no more accounting for me, no more counting columns of numbers. I enjoy money, and someday I'm sure I'll have a great credit score, but I don't think I want my life revolving around numbers and if they add up correctly. My Dad will understand. The more I got into my accounting classes, the more I realized it wasn't for me.

I intend to spend my last months at CBC taking the time to figure out what my plan is. I'm still going to take Japanese, but I'm going to create a plan of action for Western and what courses I'm going to take per quarter, just to make my Dad happy. Tomorrow morning I will happily drop my accounting class and that weight will be lifted off my shoulders. There's absolutely no reason for me to be taking it if there's no way for the credits to transfer.

I'm excited you guys, completely thrilled.


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