Wednesday, April 11, 2012

$20 papers flying all over the damn parking lot.

Oh hell, today I've played so much. Longest I've ever played thanks to the hard regime that Jacob set up for this week. I'm excited to say that the first lesson went well. It was an hour long because one of his lessons skipped out, so I probably got way more out of it than I should of. Me and him got along really well right off the bat and he showed me how to hold the damn guitar correctly! Thank God!! I'm so tired of not knowing for sure. My posture still needs work, as does everything else... But still, I'm excited to really work at this.

He gave me a big stack of papers-- practice logs, guides, chords, exercises that he handwrote, etc etc... I had printed some tabs from earlier that I had been messing around with throughout the last week (Under a Glass Moon by Dream Theater... which is WAY out of my league but it's fun to try and get little bits and pieces) and stacked Jacob's papers on top of them when I left. When I went out to my car, I'd stacked the papers under a little hard exercise device I'd bought as I raffled through my purse to find my keys. They were lost in a sea of junk. AH-HA! Found them!! Okay, walk over to unlock the door, and whooosh... papers, everywhere. It was a windy day so I had ALL the papers flying around. I was so lucky that the only ones that managed to get away were the tabs that I'd printed earlier. Still, I thought I had gotten all of them and then another one would pop up. This happened a couple times... I'm pretty sure I got all of them. I hope. Still, stupid. I need a new freaking purse so I can stop worrying about losing my stuff in it's mess all the time.

My first day of NOT having accounting went excellent! I'm happy to say that I'm now *sort of* on break! I mean, I've only got one class, Japanese... one that I've got total control over, and now that I have so much time to study it'll be a total breeze. My work schedule is consistantly boring and drawl but I can deal with it because I know how much I get paid. With accounting out of the way I can now practice as much as I'd like too. There's no reason that I shouldn't practice every day unless I'm being lazy as Hell. I've got no real intentions of going anywhere trip wise. I only need to study Japanese for an hour a day or so.

AND NOT TAKING ACCOUNTING allows me to figure out my transfer plans, my living arrangements, what I need before I go, etc. This summer should be about the same, sans the Japanese.

Which reminds me that my graduation is coming up! I need to get my damn shot records and fill out my graduation application! Maybe I'll pick them up before work tomorrow or something... I don't know, my mom has bugged me about it twice so it's definately past due.

Did I mention yesterday that I intend to buy Samantha's prom dress as a graduation present? Yup! I'm pretty excited about going shopping with her. It's going to be really fun, and I think it's on May 5th.

I couldn't be happier, really.



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