Wednesday, April 18, 2012

18 hours later, my fingers are feeling a little dead.

i'm too lazy to write exactly what I practiced this week and how many minutes I put into each specific thing, but my practicing consisted of: Alternate picking patterns (four of them, 20 minutes a day each), a chord packet with three pages, some arpeggio exercises, and 60 minutes of free play. I'm going to put this on my blog just in case I lose the clipboard that has all my info on it.

Total time practiced:
Wednesday, 4/11: 110 min
Thursday, 4/12: 140 min
Friday, 4/13: 164 min
Saturday, 4/14: 160 min
Sunday, 4/15: 150 min
Monday,4/16: 160 min
Tuesday, 4/17: 190 min
Total this week:  1074 minutes
18 hours

I'm pretty proud. 18 hours is a week is more than twice I was doing before (one hour a day, 7 hours a week). This week I learned Spiders at full speed and did all the crazy warmup exercises he had me do. I hope this is enough, and I hope more than anything that I don't screw up when I try to play..

Ugh, creepy guy in the library just looked over at me with tattoos and chains everywhere and he looks only a little younger than my Dad. Some adults can be so creepy.

The library is so nice to kill time in. I had a hot coffee and a chai scone filled with chocolate chips. Not very healthy, I know, but I've gotta treat myself once and awhile. Damn my abs look great by the way! I found the greatest video recently by a woman named Tiffany Rothe. Mix this with some Glitch Mob dubstep and I am good to go.

Super excited that tomorrow is payday and I'm going to take miss Samantha out SHOPPING!! I'm sure I've mentioned this before that I'm taking Samantha prom dress shopping. I'm actually considering taking her over to Portland now instead of just the tri cities. My Dad is going on a business trip and has a hotel that he's barely going to use. I am debating taking someone or just riding along with my dad and spending the day wandering the city by my lonesome. Err... that's probably not a grand idea. But who  would I take with me on a Sunday night? My dad wants me to go for a whole week with him. Yeaah like that's going to happen, bad idea.

Jack added me on facebook, again. I don't know if the add request was new or if it was just the old one he claimed to had sent before. I accepted it, why the Hell not I don't have any grudge with him anymore, especially after coming clean with him about my disgust with the whole Jessica situation, but that's life.I doubt we'll be hanging out anytime soon, but it's just nice to be on decent terms. Fuck, might as well add Guy Stevens on facebook too, add ALL my sortof ex's.

I like not being mad at anyone or having anyone mad at me... Sometimes me and Sean McIntyre argue in class but it's never anything serious. At least I'd hope he doesn't think of it that way. He's such a dick sometimes but he's so fun to mess around with. It's sort of a battle of wits, haha.

Japanese is going pretty well. I finally made the announcement on my youtube (and also to my facebook wall) that the Japanese thing is done. I'm really not interested in learning the language anymore, though it's been a fantastic experience in itself and I wish everyone that continues to learn it the best of luck! Ganbate~ Too lazy to convert that over because I'm in the library... DO YOUR BEST! :o)

My calluses are building up!! It doesn't hurt to play as badly anymore, which I'm very thankful for because the first day was atrocious. I feel like I can play for a good hour now without having to take a break. I typically choose to take a little five minute break every 20 minutes or so unless i'm working on something that I REALLY want to get done. This morning I squeezed in 50 minutes before school, but then I had to go study. I wish I got a chance to warmup beforehand...

Well, gonna go browse around facebook for awhile. I've got an hour or so to kill before this timer runs out and I head over there.. Hopefully this scone won't cause me an epic sugar rush and crash.


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