Thursday, April 5, 2012

Making my boring ass work day go faster....

1:23 pm... Dreading going to work today.

I know that thinking about how long and boring my shift could potentially be is a guarentee that the shift is going to go by LONG. What I'm going to do is grab a stack of flash cards, that way I can study my Japanese and learn all the vocab at the time that I'm stuck standing around at the cash register. Usually Linda doesn't have too much for me to do on Thursdays. I mean it makes no sense for me to do being frieght when you've got Traci AND Loraine working on the makeup by the time I show up. Their job is so much easier than mine.. If I could spend my time working out on the floor straightening and stocking stuff for a day instead of kissing ass I'd be much happier.

I decided to look up some tips on how to make the workday go by faster and this is what I found:
1. Try not to keep looking at the timeThis is nearly impossible for me because my clock is part of the interface on the register.

2. Take lots of breaksCan't do this because it's corporate. Someday I'll have a job where I'm not a slave to the stupid hourly pay system.

3. Draw!! Drawing is a great way to keep entertained if your co-workers/boss can see your computer. Preferably, use post-it notes, as they can be easily hidden (if done properly, it looks like you're writing something important!!). When you're done, you can throw each note out, and if you get caught doodling, you only have a small post-it note full of doodles as evidence that you haven't been working.

This is a pretty good idea... except I'm pretty closely monitored.

4. Set small, achievable goals.
I sometimes do this with time. I'll think of it as "two hours until my next break" intead of "5 hours until I go home."

5. Create some healthy competition.

There we go. There's the solution I was looking for. Today, I'm going to make it a goal to sell way more of those donation balloons for the Children's hospital with the power of persuasion with my looks, haha. Even if I look a little schleppy today...

Today is going to be interesting and I'm now a little excited to go to work. :) Also it's payday so I better check my balance.


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