Friday, April 6, 2012

Couch sleep not adequate......

Lemon Streusel Creme Cake. I can see why my sister likes it but it's so painfully sweet that I wouldn't be able to eat much.

My mom has some fantastic ancient pictures here on this laptop from 2006. I'll find a random one to put on this blog to keep it interesting.

Ha ha AWWW it's Nicole Moran, that's so funny! 

Alright, I have to say one thing. Denae is a very good friend to my sister. My sister had surgery yesterday and now she looks and feels like absolute shit. Denae is over here, trying to see her through all the pain. I'm pretty sure Denae is the best friend Avery's ever had. Some of her friends have just sucked. I don't know if she feels betrayed by Karli now that they're not best friends anymore, or if they just grew a part. I think it's more the later. People that ride horses get really exclusive. 

At the moment I'm eating some lunch. Got done playing an hour of Under a Glass Moon. I would of continued but my fingers are killing me. I wanted to play more than just an hour but my left hand is killing me. I'm pretty sure that's the first information I'm going to get out of the teacher is the proper hand positioning because I don't want to get carpel tunnel. It would really inconvenience me. 

Katharine is coming over today at 7', I believe. I saw Katelynn this morning. To be honest with you guys I've just wanted today to be quiet and inexpensive. My mom is still working on my room, which has been a crazy project for her. I haven't helped with it at all, to be honest... I just work so much at work and at school that when I'm home it's very hard to get much initiative to do anything. Unless I have a friend here to talk too, then I somehow tend to get things done because it makes things less boring. 

Marlow is sitting outside staring at me. Poor thing, I wish I could let him inside but I realized how icky it would be if we had four cats sitting around here. Tabitha is up on the couch, Michiko is probably with my mom somewhere, and Miranda's more than likely in my sister's room with Avery and Denae. It sort of creeps me out having all of my stuff in the living room currently. I feel no sense of privacy or real get-up to do anything. This is that feeling that I get when I'm in California... just, exhausted, and wanting privacy and sleep. I've been sleeping on the couch for four nights and I'm getting more and more tired as I write this. I slept in until TWELVE today, I shouldn't need a nap. 

Ugh, fuck it I'm gonna take a little rest until Katharine comes over and then I can finish picking up around here.


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