Wednesday, April 25, 2012

21 hours is MORE than I work in a week.

Wow, blogger created a new layout that I don't like. Thanks Google.

Now that I've wasted a couple minutes figuring out how to post this, i'm gonna post how many minutes I did this week on the guitar and see if I beat last weeks.

This week I got pretty fast at arpeggios and 2-string sweep picking. Unfortunately yesterday I was a complete dumbass and slammed my finger into the door so my arpeggios are a little bit slower and sloppier because of the pain. It sucks. It's gotten a lot better since yesterday though so hopefully if I run through them a little bit in the car before my lesson I'll be able to get that same speed. yes, I'll play in the car... what a nerd, haha. Last minute perfectionist attitude.

Alrighty, so here's my minute totals.

4/18: 190 min
4/19: 160 min
4/20: 200 min
4/21: 170 min
4/22: 200 min
4/23: 175 min
4/24: 190 min
1285 min
21 hours

Wow. And the thing is, that's not an exageration, at all. I time EVERYTHING and I pause the timer anytime I leave to go do something (unless it's just to go pee or something, that barely takes a minute). Only sixty minutes a day of the goal (180) is freeplay, the rest is just practicing all the picking exercises.

I don't know if my playing actually matches the amount of time I spend doing this in a week.. I can barely hear an improvement in my overall playing, but I like to think it sounds a little bit cleaner now. This week I worked on the song "Unforgiven" by Metallica, and it's done for the most part aside from the solo.

well, better get going. Gonna go get a bagel at Some Bagels, yum! I've got a big Japanese exam tomorrow that i'm not too excited for but I'll do fine if I squeeze an hour in tonight and another two tomorrow morning.


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