Sunday, April 22, 2012

current party invite list, and the weird greasy bakesale.

Another week passed, hello week 3 of Spring Quarter. Yeah, week 3? Something.

I'm still just... so unexplainably thrilled with the fact that I'm only taking one class at CBC, though part of me wishes I wasn't taking ANY classes but that'd cause burnout of this guitar hobby pretty fast if I didn't get a chance to get out every day. This week has been going okay, I've been playing as much as I can every day and I've been improving little by little with the alternate picking and arpeggios. The alternate picking is a lot easier for me because you barely even have to touch the strings but the arpeggios are hard because you almost have to pull on your previous string as if you're strumming but still have a clean, muffle free sound. Very tricky, I hope I get a half decent grasp of it by the end of this week.

It's not nearly as difficult to play for long periods of time anymore. Sometimes I'll cramp up a little in the shoulder but that's the extent of it.

So, here's my current open for revisions invite list for my party in June. This is in no particular order, though I'll try to categorize by how I've interacted with these people..

Current Invite List
1. Katelynn C.
2. Alan Y.
Best friend and her boyfriend, yeah!
3. Samantha
4. Shawn G.
5. Kevran R.
6. Rachelle G.
7. Aaron
Shawn and Samantha, of course. Kevran because we've been cool whenever I've gone over to "House." Rachelle and Aaron because they're badass, and fun
8. Abby S.
9. Taylor M.
10. Nathan S.
11. Gillian J.
12. Rhiannon J.
13. Tucker G.
14. Josh H.
15. Daisy M.
16. Caitlyn Sweeney
17. Kat L.
Oh shit it's the drama kids. Ha ha, well, I can honestly say the Johanson's have thrown some awesome parties so I hope mine can match up. I also hope Kat L. can come to the tri cities for it, she's hella fun to party with too.
18. Betsy W.
19. Caitlyn C.
20. Nathanael T.
21. Phil M.
22. Sean M.
23. Jon S.
24. Andrew W.
25. Hannah S.
26. Ashley B.
27. Alex (Shiro)
28. Brenna A.
Japanese class kids, yahoo!! haha
29. JJ
30. Thor B.
31. Cameron L.
32. Jessika B.
33. Louie
34. Patrick F.
35. Mitch H.
36. Heather
37. David (Heather's Bf)
38. Josh F.
39. Josh F.'s girlfriend Melanie
40. Kevin S.
41. Nate J.
People I've met at CBC, and people I've partied with
42. Denae
43. Jimmy
Sister's best friend and boyfriend, we can assume we'll be there helping out.
44. Geoff W.
45. Sheldon M.
46. Brittney D.
47. Robert M.
48. Chelsea C.
49. Dylan L.
50. Skyler F.
51. Tyler D.
52. Brad P.
53. Megan P.
54. Amanda B.
55. Mitch M.
56. Eugene M.
57. Lindy C.
People I forgot to mention earlier but are DEFINATELY invited too.
You might notice Katharine is "not invited." That's only because she's going to be in Los Angeles, if she's in town she's still of course welcome to come. This is a list of people that I almost know for sure if told in advance would be able to come to this because they're not moving or going on vacation that weekend that I know of.

Yup it's gonna be a hell of a time if I plan early, make sure everything is good to go when it starts, etc etc... It's pretty exciting. Like I said before, planning on getting a big projector set up in the backyard and have dubstep going by using Spotify radio. I'm also going to borrow a trampoline, set up a buffet table, and just let people go free and see what happens. It won't be boring and awkward with that many people, I can assure. There was some awkward standing around last year at the Japanese club party thing but it was still a success. I want this year to be WAY better, wee!

It's 7:00 pm. I worked until 3 today, typical Sunday shift. Got home and cooked myself something to eat and played guitar for an hour. I'm about to do some... YOU GUESSED IT!! exercise!! Then I better do a couple Japanese assignments. Didn't party this weekend, either. Guess I didn't feel a need too. I guess the stress of gas prices is making me more adapted to being at home when I'm not working, driving or at school.

I didn't end up buying Samantha a prom dress, reason being we drove all around the tri cities looking for a dress and we couldn't find any that fit or were the correct color. You'd be surprised how hard it is for anyone outside the thin frame to find a dress to wear. I don't think Samantha's body is abnormal by any means. We walked around 4th street in Pasco, the mall in Kennewick, David's Bridal, and back to her boyfriend's house. We're talking about $15 of gasoline in one day. I offered an alternative option of maybe taking a road trip instead of prom but she's really wanting to go to it. I did my best, but I honestly gave up. I hope Rachelle can help her out, I know she will and Samantha will look great and everything will work out perfectly in the end. I know it. But now, I need to focus on my own life and finances...

This upcoming Wednesday I won't have to pay for the lesson but the following week I will have to cash out $80. I've still been doing well on the dishes. Keeping up this routine has kept the house pretty tidy though when I get done with this blog I should probably sweep up my room. It's getting pretty narly in here, makes you realize how much filth is in the floors. I want to get them nice and clean for the new week.

What a boring life!! : P He he, my life was a *little* more interesting last Spring when I was taking Math 96 with Josh Fischer in the mastrabator kid's class. "Good job Chris!" Hahaha, poor Mr. Zhang.. Wow, that means it's almost been a year since the Guy Stevens insident started. That does seem like a long time ago now, in maturity, self worth, patience, etc etc... The end is in sight now, and I'm happy I'm done with bullshit, shady people like that.

I've been using rubbing alcohol on my fingertips to create calluses three times a day. It dries my skin up so it helps build resistance faster.Bought it at Rite Aid for $3.99, wowowow!!!

Oh GOD, that reminds me...

rite aid had a freaking bakesale.

Those are the cookies I brought for it. They sold almost immediately, and were the first things to go! I knew it, who could resist, they're SOOO darling. I snapped this picture before work and uploaded it to facebook saying I got em at Viera's. They didn't taste too bad either, a little crunchy for my taste, and Mexican cookies tend to be a little bland, but overall pretty good. Anyway, MORE money for Children's Hospital. It was Claudia's idea, she set up the bakesale in the store on the back counter, which I thought was a little bizarre because.... uhm, who has a bakesale indoors? Especially when it was BEAUTIFUL outside.

That's besides the point though. Very sweet point, a little creepy, but sweet... and she left all the sweets on the side counter today with a tag that says "Pay at Register" so suddenly I'm selling baked goods along with people's Colon-Ade.

Idk it's all very weird. I gtg, gonna wash my face and do some cardio.


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