Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New beginnings :)


I'm in the library right now at school. Yup, back to the old grind. I'm happy spring break isn't two weeks, I would of been bored as shit by now and my parents have been getting on my case about almost everything.

School so far is going very well, this is already looking like an easier quarter.

Japanese is well, Japanese.. People are a lot quieter than usual, which I appreciate because it actually allows us to get the lessons done in class. We've been right on time for the past couple days because people are paying attention. It seems like everyone in class is getting more confident with their speaking skills, too, so when we do speaking activities people aren't just like "uhhhhhhhh.....Onion kun ni... uhh... onion wo... wait, what is, uh..." Of course we all do this sometimes, but it's a lot less frequent when everyone is sort of in the zone.

I'm taking another 8:00 accounting class. Dwight said it's an easier class than 201 because once you have the basics down you're okay. The teacher, Wend, is really cool, and asked me to be a notetaker today. Sure! Why not, if you think my handwriting is half decent. It's a $100 in my pocket at the end of the quarter, too. Unfortunately I can only spend it at the student store, but it's a little shopping spree.

Wend organized us into teams and my team consists of this really smart hispanic girl that actually works as hard as I do (Awesome, someone I can use as inspiration when I'm slacking), a super quiet girl, and this one kind of cute tall guy. Our group is called "CANE" because it's the first letters of our name. I thought of naming our team Dunder Mifflin like on the Office, but we figured this would be easier for the teacher to remember.

So with this two hour block in between classes, I actually have time to get my homework done at school. this means more time for me to do whatever I want, so I think for the last four months of living here I'm gonna take some GOOD guitar lessons. It's $80 a month, and I'd be getting them from a guy that's really serious about his teaching. I sent him a message about it last night and he's already gotten back to me.

I told him that I needed lessons that were structured, and he told me that his lessons actually require a practice sheet, and he's going to teach me all kinds of technique and such. Guitar is my main hobby right now, and I think I'd be worth it to spend $20 a week on it. The only unfortunate thing is that I have to pay him a lump sum of $80, which is going to cut into my saving ability somewhat. This means I'll have to cut back on other things, like weed... That's fine, totally worth it. Unfortunately for me the two hobbies go hand in hand.

I get paid $280 every two weeks. I spend about $40 a week on gas, $20-$30 a week on misc expenses, and $20 a week for guitar lessons. That's approximately $180 every two weeks that I spend, which means I should be saving about $100 with every paycheck. I've been doing pretty well saving up to this point, and my parents help me out every so often. I'm just going to have to be VERY proactive about packing food with me to work to avoid spending money on that as well as avoid these splurges at Rite Aid. I won't have the temptation to splurge if I'm spending so much money as it is. Guitar lessons would be a major splurge, but because i've been playing an hour every single day for the past four months I feel like I might be ready for some structured help.

I've sort of hit a plateau with improvement, anyway.

Anyway! I better get going. Gonna go get Katelynn.


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