Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Making little traveling plans...

Right now I'm sitting at Robert's house with Skyler in Robert's living room.

This has been pretty fun, it's always nice catching up with Robert. I played a couple things that I've learned with him, but not Skyler. Tool's songs are just so fudging long that it's hard to play it for anyone without feeling like it's show-y. The songs that I play are nothing like Metallica though, way more basic and slower paced. Some of the timing is a little tricky, but nothing too demanding like some of the Metallica is.

I took that random dog picture from Robert's computer. I do that every time I'm using somebody else's computer to write a blog. 

Wow, Skyler's playing is pretty incredible. They're a huge inspiration for me to keep playing. They clearly have been working their asses off at it for months on end. I've been going for uhmmmm.... 3 months now? Just gotta keep practicing I guess.

Right now my car is in the shop so I'm gonna be stuck here for a little while.. the shop meaning some random guy's garage that my dad knows. Apparently he's going to repair a bunch of stuff that will make my car as good as new. My dad is also paying off the car completely so that it's 100% mine. In my amateur accounting language no longer a payable, it's equipment, an asset to ME! But the depreciation on this equipment makes it valued far lower than what I've paid for it. lol, don't think I'm taking myself seriously good Lord. That's what I hate about accounting, there's so much jargon.

I'm about ready to go home. I can already tell where this is going. 

So now that finals are over, I'm on Spring break!

What am I going to do this whole time? I have no clue at all. Probably play a lot of guitar, smoke a lot of bud, play sims, hang out with friends... what I'd usually do on the weekends. I hope it doesn't fly by too quickly, I could use a good break from school. I got pretty burnt out there for a minute. All I would need to see is my grade GPA from the previous quarter to want to keep going, but sometimes it's really hard to push forward when all I want to do is....

That's the thing. I don't know what I want to do. I'm soo bored at school and with the school routine, yet I'm also sooo bored with my at home routine. Bored, but comfortable. Also comfortable with my lame work hours. Comfortable with getting up early practically every morning. Like me and Robert started our day off really early. I realized that I had to pay for Spring tuition so I texted Robert about it (who I thought was coming over)and he realized he hadn't paid it either. We were at the school at about 10 this morning and now here it is only 12' pm. I sort of like this morning routine, I get a lot more done.

Maybe I just need a change of scenery. Yeah, I need to get out and take a trip. I know Connor likes road trips, and I'd be down to spend a little money to go spend a day in Seattle. Walking around, maybe shop at Uwajimaya with my Japanese prowess, yeah that would be really fun. I mean it's not like I'm working every single day during spring break, and once my car gets prepared I'm going to be good to go. The only problem is that I don't know if Connor would necessarily have the money for it. That and I don't know if he'd want to go. We had a lot of fun last weekend but it's still a touchy situation. And it's not that I really have strong feelings for him again, I just like spending time with him and he'd be fun to travel with. Like he'd make it an adventure.

So it's decided! This spring break, at some point, I'd like to take a little road trip and maybe even do a little clothes shopping or something. I'll have to make this trip semi-purposeful. What's something that I need... well, nothing really. Just to get out.



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