Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Goodbye, Visual Basic!

I'm so fudging happy to be done with my Visual basic exam.

It wasn't hard at all. Actually, I barely prepared for it. Just made some book tabs and wrote where to find everything that I needed from the study guide. Okay, maybe I did a little preparation, but nothing that took longer than 30 minutes. I know that I aced it though.

There's the prettiest guy ever that I just saw in the library, haha.

I just scored $60 from book buyback. I'm thinking I'm gonna go buy some tilapia. I get paid on Thursday so I'd be buying it then anyway, and I've got a long break coming up. Yeah if anything it'll save me the drive.

I'm getting nervous that my Japanese final might be today. I thought it was tomorrow but someone just posted that a group from my class are studying together, I should probably go double check. Fuck I hope it's not today. Today I want to go home and play guitar.

Alrighty gonna get going and get this straightened out just in case.


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