Tuesday, March 13, 2012

最善を尽くしてください! Please try your best.

I posted the title of this blog to Katharine's status saying she's taking her LAST Spanish final. I'm pretty freaking proud of her, she's gonna be graduating from Central at the same time I'm graduating from CBC. I hope we'll be able to attend eachother's graduations. They're going to be painfully long I'm sure but I'm still really excited!

So second day of the hardest week ever. I'm sitting in the library again and I plan on studying accounting for an hour, probably work on the Visual basic final practice, and write a letter of recommendation for Samantha.

Sam sent me a text earlier freaking out about not having one, so I figure why the Hell not it'll only take me a half an hour or so to complete. Not that I don't already have enough on my plate as it is, but maybe it'll deliver some good karma. : )

This weekend is going to be really hectic with the estate sale and everything, but I'm excited for it to be the weekend so my Japanese oral exam and my accounting test will be OVER! The chapter test got moved to Thursday, so I made sure to get my Japanese oral exam moved to Wednesday so I can spend a few more hours tomorrow getting this bank reconciliation crap straight. I'm going to talk to my Dad about it tonight, maybe he can shed some light on it. I really should be going to the tutoring center, but the time that Dwight is there is really inconvient for me. I like to spend that hour between Japanese and Visual basic for studying Japanese and relaxing my mind...

Today was the last regular class day of Japanese V. I can't believe it, another class under my belt. I'm pretty proud of my Japanese speaking and writing skills, but having the initiative to take another quarter of this is going to be hard. I just need to remember that once I get out of CBC, I'll have all of the introductory Japanese done. Only way to do that is to take it again in the Spring. Geoff Webber is going to be my partner next quarter, hopefully. He works very hard and he's extremely goal oriented with it, so I know I can rely on him to actually try during speaking activities.

Today during class me and Hannah really utilized the time sensee gave us to work on the material for oral exams, but it was so loud I could barely hear her. Taylor is just so loud, and he tends to make those other guys louder.

Yesterday I worked on Schism for like an hour. I still haven't gotten much of an opportunity to work on Blue yet. It's got the same tuning System of a Down uses. C# tuning, it's really low. I want to focus on getting Schism down for now before I start something new.

Alrighty well, I think I've rambled on enough. I'm excited to see what the rest of this week holds. probably a lot more stress but I'm keeping up with it. This weekend should be really busy with the estate sale, Katharine's coming back into town, work, and I'm sure either Jessika or Connor will want to hang out with me at some point.


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