Monday, March 12, 2012

Man, has it really been six days since I've last written?

Guess you could say things've been going good, then. I've been meaning to write but I've been so busy that I don't even know where to start really. I'm officially in week 11 of winter quarter which really means I'm coming down to the end. Still struggling with this procrastination problem but I discovered a way to get me inspired to work that allowed me a couple hours of patience last night. Still struggling with the last couple chapters in accounting, but I'm working on it.... This wednesday I have a big test that dictates whether or not I have to take the final, so obviously it's very important. I really, really don't want to have to take the final-- especially when it's next THURSDAY which means I'll be stressed out about it nearly all week. No. No. Just no. That being said, tonight and tomorrow I'm gonna make sure to get a good amount of studying done for that test.

This is literally what code in visual basic looks like, and we're expected to write this and understand what each part of the code is doing. Luckily Wolf is nice and realizes a lot of us are just taking the class to graduate, so she doesn't make the tests/quizzes too hard.

Right now I'm in the library, so I'm gonna start working on my visual basic projects. I don't really know how far I'll get. To be honest I've really checked out mentally in that class so it's hard to get any work done. I just hate the material and it seems to pointless to me. That and my know it all classmates make me cringe.

My mom doesn't read my blog, so I might as well write about this here...

I met up with Connor this last weekend. Yes, the Connor. I really never thought I'd see him again, but he suddenly contacted me on facebook so I figured why not. When we got together (not in a sexual way, mind you...) we clicked really well again. It's weird, when we talk it's just so effortless and it turns out we know a ton of the same people. He hasn't changed that much, he's still a big ego driven, stubborn asshole but at the same time he's really sweet and easy to get along with. He's become a really talented singer, which he showed off when I was there. Seriously though, he's very good... He's a lot more talkative than he was back when we were dating, and he brags a lot. It's funny, seeing him was sort of like the equivalent of a ten year highschool reunion, tons of gloating. I did a bit of this myself. Talked about breaking a record in tennis for most consecutive wins, talked about my awesome GPA, how I'm almost done with my AA... but that was pretty much it. He's got a list a mile long of all the shit he's done since we've last seen eachother-- some of it I would of rather not heard. Something tells me the gloating will stop though if he continue to hang out, he was probably just trying to impress me or something, which is understandable.

i'm gonna try to dig up a picture on photobucket of what we USED to look like on my old photobucket account...

hahahaha, that is fucking precious. We were sixteen.

I don't have a picture of him that's recent, but he pretty much looks the same aside from having these crazy dreadlocks that he's working on. In his facebook picture he's got this crazy long hair that's about the length of mine but now it's just completely destroyed because he's doing dreads naturally. It'll probably look neat enough when it's done, but right now it made me cring.

My mom would probably kill me if she knew I was hanging out with him again, which is why I'm keeping it quiet. I'm not sure if we'll actually hang out again. We had a really good time when we did this weekend, but you know how things  go. If anything it was just interesting to catch up and see what eachother have been up too. We smoked and talked for hours at his place. He's still the same pothead, but he's less of a punk than he was when we were that age. His mom still makes really incredible food. I thought it'd be a lot more awkward to see her but it wasn't. The whole situation was pretty comfortable.

 Apparently Connor just got out of an on and off relationship that lasted three years. He was pretty surprised when I told him I've only been in one "relationship" in a couple years. I was also honest with him when I briefly mentioned by merry-go-round of bullshit that I've been through with men. Luckily he didn't expect me to expand much on it, and went on to talk about his own problems.

So yeah, me and Connor no longer have any beef with eachother. Time has a tendency to do that.

Well, better get going. Got a lot of work to do. It's already 2:00, I'd like to be out of here by 4'. Spring daylight savings time makes me feel like I'm even more behind all the time.


Ohh, and this week I'm learning Blue by A Perfect Circle on guitar. Me and Mitch played Schism yesterday, but I still have a lot of work to do.

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