Sunday, March 25, 2012

How a couponers can steal money using returns, and all the other weird coorporate shit.

Someday, I'd like to get the chance to tell you how much I love you,
and how much I sincerely fucking hate you.
I don't know WHY you're playing these headgames with me and I wish you'd leave me alone forever.. yet at the same time I want to see you again more than anyone else.
Time will tell I guess.

Typical day at work.

Nothings changed since that HOUR AND A HALF long meeting last night. Okay, I need to rant about this. Jay had planned for there to be a mandatory meeting at 7:30 last night, so I spent practically all day not only working my morning shift from 7:45-3 to then spend hours trying to preoccupy myself at the library, in my mom's van reading, got some McDonalds... but also stay at this long ass meeting of Jay and the other ladies cracking jokes. It was hideous, it's a Saturday night, I wanted to go get ready to party. Or go home and smoke and play guitar. Something. NOT sitting in a Riteaid Warehouse.

The meeting should of lasted a half hour. Literally that's about as much material Jay needed to say, and how much he DID say. The women turned it into a party and went on and on and on about all these anecdotes of their crazy times working at Rite Aid. Granted, some of these stories were pretty entertaining to kill time before the meeting. But during the meeting I was like, oookay moving on guys. Idk, I guess the meeting was turned into more of a fun little social function for them because they brought chips and dip and stuff. Really though, I think the meeting was meant for us to be lectured about some things... or at least that was the appearance of some of our numbers in the boring excel sheets that were given. A record was displayed of some stupid stats from online rite aid surveys.

Okay, first of all, this is NOT an accurate representation of our store at all. Why? Because I'd say over half of our customers that come in on a regular basis and buy the storefront stuff (not including alcohol and cigarettes, we have regular buyers of those too but they rarely want to use their cards or anything) are older than 60. That being said, they're not going to have the computer prowess to use them and take the stupid surveys. Apparently the surveys used to be pretty good because they were done over the telephone. I just imagine some old person on their cord telephone rating their excellent service they recieved during their purchase of Colon-ade. But now, because telephone surveys are almost obsolete because the internet is cheaper, people aren't taking the time to take these surveys.

The ones that do are either doing it for coupons or to bitch, and I'm having a feeling there's more people bitching than anything. Because most people that bitch are welfare women in their early 30's that have nothing better to do but cut coupons and drag their loud ass kids around as they wave their FUCKING COUPONS in my face and tell me things aren't ringing up the right price!!

Ohh yes, because the register is ALWAYS wrong and the cashier is ALWAYS wrong and trying to make YOU spend more money. Let me just get a manager. Let me just get talked down to and lectured because I didn't type in your fucking coupon manually because it's takes too much damn time to read the fine print and locate your the stupid product you picked out. And that's another thing, do you REALLY need it!

Do you really need six bottles of Oil of Olay that you will try to return in a week and get a full refund.

I wonder how that would look from an accounting standpoint. Someone buying an expensive product with coupons, then returning it wanting a full refund of something they didn't originally buy.

I want to see if I can remember how to do this. This is really nerdy, but a good refresher.

3/12   Discounts/Coupons Expense          $44
          Cash                                                      $6

                     Sales                                                     $50
(person buys their bottles of oil of olay with coupons, only have to pay a few dollars for it after coupons are added in)

3/12    Cost of Goods Sold                          $22
                     Inventory                                            $22
(I'm assuming the markup is around there. I could be off, we didn't really learn about markups much and how that's decided)
3/22    Sales/Returns and Allowances     $50
                      Cash                                                           $50
(Person comes back and returns products... Most of the time they're still untouched in the box)
3/22     Inventory                                        $22
                       Cost of Goods Sold                              $22
(Assuming that what the person bought isn't already clearanced out...)

So in the long run, the company is basically paying this person $44 to take stuff out of the store then bring it back and get cash. It's a scam that usually couponers send their husbands to do the dirty work. They'll send their husbands with the products, and the guy will always say that he lost the receipt and that his wife just "didn't like it." I of course have to run the full return, give him a full refund for the product, and what cracks me up is that he probably has no idea this is happening.

This always happens with those damn promo bottles of Oil of Olay.

There are certain sanctions to keep people from doing this, like if you don't have a receipt you are prompted to give store credit. This is a pain in the ass though and most people get irritated that they can't just get cash back. Really, the only time this happens is when some customer comes back complaining about a product that is broken (or... partially used), bought a LONG time ago, AND on top of it they don't have their reciept.

This is the kind of stuff I do on a daily basis at work.

Felt like ranting.


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