Friday, March 16, 2012

Impulse purchases are hard to shake at times.

Ahh, Friday night. My day off is coming to a close. It's 8:23 pm.
What's on the menu?

1. Load vape.
2. Exercise for 1 hour (8:45-9:45pm)
3. Guitar for 1 hour. (10 pm-11 pm)
4. Not do Visual basic homework.

Reason being, I'm waiting until Sunday. I feel like I've worked hard enough this week that I've earned a little bit of leeway this weekend. Soo I intend to study hard Sunday after work. Maybe I'll squeeze in an hour or two of programming between work tomorrow and Sam's party. Yeah, I've decided to go to the St. Patricks day party thing. I know it could potentially be really coupley and uncomfortable but *maybe* if I am subtle about it I could invite Connor to go. Like, as friends.

The reason why I just don't call Connor about it now is because he just got out of a relationship and I need to approach our friendship carefully to make it not seem like I'm trying to pursue a relationship of any kind with him. Because I'm not. I don't want a relationship, I'm moving in four months... however, spending time with him would be really entertaining and it'd be nice to have him to come along to Shawn's party thing. I don't think I'll invite him though because it could send the wrong message. I've gotta give it space, especially considering that we did date.

I'm waiting for Katharine to get to my house currently. They're going to come pick up Katharine's flats that she left here. We hung out today, worked at the estate sale... It went pretty smoothly, and we made a decent amount of money. The entire situation is weird though, and the house is atrociously icky with really lame stuff. My parents don't think they're going to do this for another day. I feel bad that I promissed someone that we'd be openning up at 1', but if they still want that couch or whatever it was, they can talk to the bank about it... My parents have put WAY too much work into it.

Alright well I'm gonna start my little routine thing I guess. Well, this isn't a nightly routine but it's what I like to do lately. Things've gotten quite slow. I put $40 of the $60 that I earned from the estate sale back into the bank and I have a balance of $943 now. That's pretty good. Granted, I'll have to spend probably $30 in gasoline before my next paycheck.. But still, saving is going well for this week! I just need to try not to go crazy and buy stuff I don't need this week.

I did buy a nice pair of yoga capris today at value village. Me and Katharine went after we went out to sushi. We haven't seen eachother in quite awhile so it was nice to catch up for the afternoon. Katharine found some good yoga pants too that fit really well. She even admits though that the point of thrift store shopping has sort of depleated when everything is so expensive. Like, I found a used wig that I thought would be fun to cut and dye as a cosplay wig. This would be an easy purchase, except for the fact that it was $7. For some freaking used hair that's BROWN and the same length as mine. So I passed it up. I'll probably kick myself for this later when I'm trying to come up with a good cosplay. But you know, I'll cross that bridge when it comes. Kuro Neko is so close to when I'm moving out, it might not even be in the cards this year.
I remember some of the frustrations of last year's con that makes me wonder if I'd even want to go to one again. By that time who knows if Shawn will have a job. That and I'm sure Sam and him will just be moving in together and will be paying for all kinds of living expenses that weren't there this time last year. Yeah, best cross that bridge when it comes....

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