Friday, March 2, 2012

Nerdy evening.

I think I'm going to stop counting, because obviously I don't write on a daily basis and it sort of defeats the purpose. I'm still going to play every day though. : 3

Right now I'm at Shawn's house with Samantha. I brought her here and we've just been sitting around since I got here. I played guitar for a couple hours, and now Nathan is making some parmesan cheese chicken and listening to some music. He likes to sing a lot.. Karel is here too, and she's sitting on the couch asking questions about what Samantha and Shawn are watching and have been for a half hour or so. They're watching Breaking Bad. I like the show but I never get particularly hooked.

Samantha wants to cuddle but Shawn wants to be able to see the TV. Understandable, but why wouldn't he want to cuddle with her? If I was him I'd rather be cuddling then sitting with distance between them. Cuddling is great. Ha ha, I recently saw this thing on Chelsea Lately called cuddle parties.

Look at that if you get a chance, it's so funny. I like to cuddle, but typically only with a guy that I'm attracted too.

Samantha drew this, I thought I'd add it to this entry to add a little pop of color. 

Just got some food. Good lord, this is good. A little heavy and buttery for my taste, but delicious regardless. It's quite couple-y here, but in a good way, like there's enough people here that it's not third-wheelish.

My phone is back on, and I've yet to receive any text messages that I'm expecting. Actually, I'm only expecting one from Dave Brown. If I get a text from him that says that I got my old texts from when my phone was shut off. I don't think anything is really going on tonight or this weekend aside from what I'm doing right now. I think I'm gonna head home soon. I've played a bunch of guitar today and even studied some accounting. I really need to work out for at least an hour before I go to bed tonight. So that's my plan, go home and exercise. 

Another one of Sam's lovely pictures. Just thought I'd share.

Lol, Nathan is ranting about Cody, it's so funny. I'm gonna get going. Nathan can be so funny. 


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