Monday, March 5, 2012

ヨガぱんつ。YOGA PANTSU!!!

I really do love spring. The weather is starting to turn around, it was just lightly cold and windy today but it's getting a lot warmer.

I wore a tank top today and didn't completely freeze my ass off.Why no jacket? Because the one I originally put on this morning was pissing me off so badly with it's too short sleeves that I refused to wear it. I hate it when my wrists are exposed after a jacket shrinks. This jacket came in with some yoga pants that I got this christmas that I don't particularily like either. The colors are design are perfect, but the inner material is more cotton than spandex making it sort of adhesive when you wear it to exercise and you start to sweat. For working out I typically just wear short shorts and tank top, but getting more activewear like spandex yoga pants would be nice.  I considered getting some at target today but they were too expensive.

I did however pick up some really cool $1 Elf brushes. These were obviously super CHEAP but they don't seem much different than say, brushes that you'd buy for $5.99 in a different section. We'll see how well they work. I had just HAD it with trying to make my eye makeup look good with my finger or some random little funky eyeshadow brush that came with some Wet and Wild pallet.

Last night me and Mitch hung out, smoked good bud that he supplied, and played guitar together for a couple hours. It was super relaxing and enjoyable. He was totally stoked by the fact that I could actually play some tool, and we decided we'd start playing together more often. By the end of the week I told him I'd know The Pot, but I decided to change my mind and go with Schism. The reason is that Mitch plays The Pot like a total champ and it sounds *perfectly* but the way he plays it is totally different than the tab I'm using. Trying to learn how he does it directly from him doesn't work for me, I have to read the tabs over and over again to learn to play things.. He seemed more impressed with Schisms tabs, and he said the song was semi-easy.

This sunday we should be hanging out again. Lindy came by yesterday and we took a walk back to Mitch's house. He moved in with his mom over by the Conoco, so it was a decent sized walk. Lindy showed up sort of late so it was pitch black and a little chilly out when we started walking. I always get sort of paranoid when I walk at night, especially when it's just me and Lindy. For some reason I'm completely comfortable walking with Katelynn at night, but with Lindy I feel more vulnerable.

I bought a yoga mat at Target today and I plan on using it for a little while before starting a mountain of accounting homework. I've got a Japanese vocab quiz tomorrow, too, but I started studying those earlier for once and I'll feel confident if I study the English-Japanese flash cards for an hour or so.

Alrighty well, later guys! Not much else going on.


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