Friday, March 23, 2012

Why I Buy Mac.

Scratch the road trip idea. Today I spent the money on a bunch of stuff that I actually needed.

Mac Studio Sculpt Foundation

Today I think I spent a total of about $110, considering that I just went into town to buy Mac Studio Sculpt with Michael. Beauty IS important, so why not spend money on it? buy the best products your money can get you (without going overboard). Because think about it, you're putting that stuff on your face. Every single day. You're trusting that makeup on your skin, trusting that it's not going to make your skin break out or feel oily and gross. You want to look and feel beautiful, yet natural-- as if it accentuates what you want people to see rather than covers up what you don't want people to see. At least that's the way I'd like to look at it. But yeah, acne and redspots are no bueno and you should try to cover them.

Mac Careblend Powder (photo from, sorry no I didn't take a picture of what I bought today.. much to busy with other things)

Bought Mac Studio Sculpt foundation, SPF15. The stuff is $30 and lasts three months! Literally, my last bottle was from Christmas. I'm hoping I have this kind of luck with the powder the girl there convinced me to try. It's called studio careblend. It's designed to be both lightweight but also set the foundation so that it lasts longer throughout the day. The careblend powder was $24, a lot cheaper.

The reason why I never bought professional powder is because I thought the department store brand worked just right for me, and holded out enough hours to look decent in the most important parts of my day. Typically I'd touch up a little if I happened to have my makeup with me, but not much else. Anyway, I decided to make a splurge on some GOOD powder, regardless of the probability of this making me spoiled and unable to use any other kind of powder.

I am completely OVER using any Maybelline products. That stuff is JUNK, it makes my face feel greasy and gross. That Dream Matte stuff? Looks great when you first put it on, leaves your face a oily mess in 4 hours or so. And Mac isn't even that much more expensive. Definitely worth it.

I also picked up my It's a 10 leave-in product. Did you know the stuff is $17 now? The price of that has creeped up! I just need to hope and pray it's because a lot of people are buying it. Reason being, I want them to keep making it! It's the reason my hair has gotten to this length without looking completely ragged.

I'm happy I found the right products that have been consistently good to me.

Anyway, to wrap this up, Michael and I had an excellent time in town together. We shopped around a lot, enjoyed eachothers company. I drank a coffee AND a skinny orange julius. Both were delicious. Didn't really eat anything until I got home though. Nothing outside the house seems too appealing lately. I've been eating pretty healthy here and cooking myself some pretty good dishes so I haven't felt a need to go out to eat much. I hope this isn't short lived. Good for my wallet and my body not to eat out.

God, that reminds me, SO bad. There was a girl sitting next to me in Starbucks today that was wearing yoga pants, walking shoes, headphones, etc. Clearly a mall walker person. She's got this frilly ass starbucks drinks with all the fixens, their soup which is rich as hell, and two paninis. That is quite a high calorie, fast food meal even if it's on a pretty plate. Sigh. It makes me sound like a complete bitch commenting anything on what someone is eating. It has nothing to do with her weight or anything, it has to do with a very counter-productive choice. If you're going to work out at the mall, don't make a stop at the damn cinnabonn.

All this talk of coffee makes me want some. Nope, gonna go to bed at a decent time because I've got work tomorrow. Nothing interesting going on tonight. Haven't talked to Connor at all this week. Completely cut things off with Alex, finally. So just flying solo, as always. Four more months baby.


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