Monday, February 27, 2012

57. Handling cold turkey just fine, and staying home to save money.

Maybe Bronkaid doesn't do as much for me as I thought.

Though today I was a bit lathargic, I didn't feel nearly as warn out as I thought I would. Maybe I'm not going to get the withdrawels I expected. I did wake up feeling really dizzy from a nap today, though. Yeah... I took a nap, that's a first for a long time. I think that was more due to a little bit of loneliness and knowing I wasn't really going to do anything tonight.

But that was one of my goals for today-- don't drive anywhere extra. It costs so much money to drive into town now. I hate that the gas prices keep creeping up, but at least I have a job and I'm getting good hours. I've got a lot to be thankful for.

Today overall was pretty good, I did well on my accounting quiz, got MAJOR props from Sensee today in Japanese about how well me and Hannah do with speaking, and drove Hannah back to her car after it broke down this morning. Yep, always good to help people once when I can. She really seemed to appreciate it too, she was practically freaking out when she showed up this morning telling me she almost got in a car crash this morning because of the random ice on the roads in just Pasco.

It was trippy, I was driving to school and it was totally dry and not even that cold out in Benton City and Richland, but the second I hit pasco it was just like ICE. Everywhere.

I've got some goals to get to tonight. One of which is to study for my accounting quiz tomorrow, and also get an envelope ready with some money that I'm sending this girl that is lonnng overdue. I'm doing okay, things are gonna be alright without Bronkaid.


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