Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Excitement for RadCon 2012! 52.

Okay, I admit it. I really do like cosplaying and conventions. Ha ha, like this was some big secret.

I'm really excited for dressing up like Tifa Lockhart this year for Radcon! It's sort of a closet cosplay because I decided to do this literally three days ago when I realized that the event was coming around the corner and I really didn't have any time to order anything.

This is actually my first time cosplaying at Radcon. The reason that I didn't really last year is because it's so close to home that I didn't want everyone to know how big of a nerd I was. . . But this year, I am all out cosplaying because I really just don't care what anyone around here thinks of me anymore. I've become much happier with myself, and I've accepted that you know what, I am who I am, nothing I do is going to change that. This self confidence has sort of allowed me to relax and have fun and try to enjoy things for the most part.

People on the Radcon page on facebook seem pretty snippy, saying they're not going to go because of how things have changed and how their ex is going to be there. Like literally, half the posts on the events page said "I'm not going to be there because my ex will be there..." How lame. Though I can't say I'm not going to see one of my ex's there though, there's quite a few guys that I've dated, liked or had some kind of encounter with that I'm bound to see one. But I don't let it stop me from going somewhere. o____o Wait.... fuck hypocricy is setting in. I won't go into details. But he won't be there.

Actually, eh, looking back on it the only guy I can think of that would actually be there would be Jay Weaver who I knew for like a few weeks. I saw him today in the hub, actually. He clearly thinks I'm stupid or something so I didn't say hi. But yeah, I'll probably see him there.

I'm going to meet up with Nate Scott and Abby probably. It's gonna be fun, they were a great time to hang with last year. Abby was dressed as Alice in Wonderland. I'm wondering if she's going to dress up this year. I'm planning on meeting them to buy tickets.

Anyway, my costume is coming along great! I first went to Genx, which is right down the road from CBC and found three of the main items on my list right of the bat. White tank top, mini skirt that's not *too* mini so I don't get kicked out, and even the suspenders. All check! I should of looked around harder instead of bolting to my next location. Actually, I should of bought those damn shoes. They had the boots too, but I decided I'd wait so I didn't have to spend as much money. Well, after searching around the whole damn tri cities for a black pair of gloves and those shoes I probably should of just splurged on the boots.

 I went to Goodwill next, and picked up a pair of black socks that will peek out over the boots for .99 cents. I didn't find any boots that were quite right, so I left and met up with Alex for some coffee at starbucks. I paid for myself and didn't really give him a chance to pay for me if he was planning on it, but he didn't offer either so I decided to just pay and not make it awkward. We sat and chit chatted for a bit, not about anything in particular... He's really not feeling well and was kind of zoning out. He looked super cute though because he was wearing his jacket that he wears when he rides his motorcycle. Errg, he's just a mystery to me, like he doesn't come out about anything and I can never tell when he's annoyed or happy or what. Keeps it pretty interesting.

Anyway, after our quick coffee thing I walked around Fred Meyers and saw Robert like 20 times. Our relationship has gotten weirdly awkward, it's funny I can never think of what to say to him anymore. He's gotten so skinny, it blows me away every time I see him. I mean I know he's not on drugs or anything, at least I'd really, really hope not and I'm pretty sure he'd tell me if he was. He just looks really worn out or something, I can't explain it. He's not on drugs, he's just working a lot I'd assume.

I then went back toward home, and decided to face stupid Wal Mart. Didn't find anything particularily great, aside from these gloves for $12 that were definately the right color but they were almost too nice to cut the fingers off. I'm almost considering going back and buying them, because the gloves that I did settle with...

...Are ones that I got at Target for a dollar. Sort of like these ones but more burnt orange. Anyway, these will cost a lot of money to not look like crap so I decided I'm gonna just go back to Wal Mart (more than likely after work tomorrow) and get the $12 ones. Watch, with my karma they'll be gone.

I did end up scoring a pair of long socks that I cut and will be used as the black sleeves under the orange gloves.

I pieced the costume together tonight and it looked super cute! I can't wait for the con, take lots of pictures. : )


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