Wednesday, February 1, 2012

43. Hands are shaking.

I played guitar today for three hours. It's been like this for days where I find myself playing for long stretches of time because now that I've gotten a little bit better it's openned up a lot of doors and made it a lot more enjoyable. I've now learned Lonely Day, Hypnotize, Holy Mountains and I'm working on Sad Statue and ADD. I also learned at full speed the solo for Hypnotize, which was something I wanted to play a LONG time ago but never really had the time or skill do so. It still needs work, mainly on the picking, but I've gotten so much better already and it's awesome. : )

So yeah it's 8:00 pm. Today Lindy and I went on a long walk after I got home from school and didn't have much to talk about. Maybe next time we should jog. The weather was actually very nice today, just a slight breeze. Tomorrow is groundhog day which means spring is already on its way! Yippie!

Yesterday I had a Japanese exam, which I have yet to get the results for. I did however get the results for my accounting quiz. 10/10 yippie! But Key hasn't let me give him my homework. Tonight I'm planning on getting the rest of those chapter 3 assignments done and I'm pretty much just gonna leave it on the podium and bail. He's gotta accept it, I'm irritated that I've carried those homework assignments with me for a week now.

Anyway, it's almos 8:30. I'm gonna do homework until 11' and get some shut eye. Me and Heather are gonna hang out on Friday! ..Hopefully. That'd be awesome.

Still no word from Katelynn, and it's wednesday again. Maybe she's just wanting to take a hiatus for awhile. Who knows. : /


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