Wednesday, February 22, 2012

54. Maybe it's best to leave it at that. :)


At the moment I'm sitting here waiting for my favorite workout video to load. I'm gonna start cramming for my Japanese exam here at 6', hard to believe it's already time for another test. I feel fortunate though, my accounting teacher postponed a big chapter 5 and 7 exam for Tuesday, so I have a lot more time to get this material learned. I understand subsidiary entries for the most part, but it's the closing entries that I have problems with. That and distinguishing the different types of accounts. Nobody said this would be easy, and I think I'm doing well for the most part.

Above is the pilates video that I've been doing the past couple days. It's a really tough one, but you can really feel your abs burning when you do it. I can't even get through the entire thing yet, unfortunately, but if I keep it up I think I can tone my abs better than they are already. Seriously though, my body looks awesome.

I just heard my mom come in. Haven't talked to her all day. Well, haven't talked to really anyone all day except for the typical people at school and Heather. No texts or anything today, but that's alright I don't mind. I've got too much to do tonight to be worrying about anything social. I've really become outgoing, and I'd much rather be doing something or have plans to do something than not.

Right now I've got no real plans for this weekend, but I hope I can see Heather at some point. I'm anticipating a lot of work next week, but for the most part Week eight has been painless. And VERY quick, I can't believe how time is flying by.

Oh! Tomorrow is payday. I'm probably not going to make very much money because of how much I spent on Radcon and gasoline, lets just hope I didn't blow everything.... Gas prices keep creeping up again. I'll post my account balance to tomorrow to keep on top of it. I really want to be able to save to $5000 but the way it's looking now I can barely get above $1000 without spending at least a quarter of my paychecks on gasoline. : ( I need to stop going out so much.

I was able to play Parabola by Tool all the way through for the first time at regular speed, though it still needs a lot of work. Lateralus sounds very perfected now.


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