Monday, February 20, 2012

Why blogging is therapeutic.

I really don't like all this site at times because of all the glitches. I wrote up a big long thing about radcon but the site logged me out and the draft didn't save. That being said I really don't feel like writing about it again.....

I really don't like this site because it's associated so much with the Google account. I discovered the other day that this stupid site made me a Google + account automatically when I registered, which I really don't appreciate because I don't want to use that site and it's hideous interface. I am really NOT looking forward to the day that computers no longer have a hard drive and all of your websites are interconnected so that if you upload something EVERYONE you know has easy access to it. Really kills any privacy online.

Yes, I could make this blog private and available to NOBODY but then it wouldn't have the same therapeutic properties. In order for blogging online to work you have to feel like you're expressing yourself to *someone*, even if it's the occasional stranger that stumbles upon your page.

Right now I'm at school. I already took my Visual basic test so I don't have to take it today. I really should get going and study some Japanese before my next class. I just really don't want to make bullshit smalltalk with anyone.


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