Monday, February 6, 2012

44. Valentines Day presents

Though I have too much to do right now to write, I want to document here the favorite colors of people that I'm making Valentines day friendship bracelets for. I am doing this to force myself to practice making them, and thus maybe getting good enough to someday make some really pretty ones. I love these friendship bracelets and wear them all the time.

People I'm making bracelets for:
1. Taylor Morales. Purple, Green and Teal. Done.
She was the first to respond so I made hers first. It looks pretty cute if I do say so myself! She was also the first to like my status on making them.
2. Aki san. Black and White.
I'm actually happy someone choose those two boring colors, hehe. But I'll make this one look really cool.
3. Cece. Black, green and brown.
I DEFINATELY have a ton of brown and green. Looks like a lot of people chose black in their color scheme.
4. Katharine. Aqua, Black, and Purple.
Katharine is a mermaid, haha.
5. Shavonne. Dark purple, green and silver.
6. Alex Bollinger. Purple, green and black.
I think I actually knew this one.
7. Kaitie Cobb. Green, blue and black.
8. Brenna Akers. Purple, blue and yellow.

There are 12 people that I plan on sending one too. I am going to make it a point to get them done on time! But yeah, I'll post the rest of the names/colors later.


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