Saturday, February 11, 2012

Things are going super well, so I don't tend to write? 45.

Wow, so much to say. I apologize for my hiatus, things have just been very busy this week with school, friends, etc etc....

I just got done playing guitar. I'm working on perfecting Lateralus.I'm excited to be done with that one because that's something I *thought* I learned a long time ago when in reality I was playing the entire thing wrong, horribly. Well, with the playalong software on songsterr it's pretty hard to get away with playing what you *think* sounds right. Anyway, enough about that. So much to tell you.

I met someone recently. Now, I've sort of hinted about this on my facebook, but I haven't come out and told anyone about it yet because my lack of trust in men. And besides, why is it anyone's business what I'm up to in my love life? But I'll write about it in this blog because it's practically a secret.

His name is Alex, he's 25, he's a geologist and lives in a condo in Richland. To be honest with you, there's not much more I could tell you about him, and we've been hanging out for days. He's not really a talker, and doesn't come out to me about much, yet we have an awesome time when we're together, he tells me all the time how beautiful I am, and he's so CUTE. So for him, I am taking my time... like, I want to get to know him without bugging him too much and prying him to open up about things. It's been going pretty well so far, we've hung out a few times since I met him last saturday.

Last saturday was Jessika's party night, and she wanted me to tag along to be her wingman so-to-speak around this guy that she likes... a lot. I mean, Jessika will "like" a guy and then not care about him at all a week later, but she REALLY likes this one. So I figured, what the hell if I've been sick all week lets party. Jessika ended up inviting this guy Alex that she met at the court club in the sauna. Alex apparently CLEARLY dug her, according to all of the texts she was reading to me. So two guys that are into Jessika, Jessika, and me. Sounds like an interesting night.

It WAS interesting, though it had it's ups and downs. We went to a bonfire at Lost Lake first, after meeting up with Rose and her husband. We walked down there and hardly knew anyone aside from Clayne Cox, Wiley Shelton, and Cameron Benitz... Ohh yeah, me and Cameron got along when we knew eachother SO well! Ha ha, but that's years ago, so I figured what the hell nobody should give me any problems. I got bitched at a lot by people because I had a purse with me, but I would laugh and it would be okay. A lot of people that did know me were surprised as hell that I was even there, but when me and Wiley started talking it was actually pretty interesting to catch up. So I stood around and talked to Wiley, Clayne and a couple other people and took a few swigs off this Pendleton Whiskey deliciousness. (No, seriously, that whiskey tastes good in my opinion)

But man, I am such a lightweight because that stuff hit me really hard. I could barely walk in a straight line and suddenly got nervous that when I did meet Alex if I would come off like a dumbass. This paranoia became apparent when I became really quiet practically the rest of the night.

I immediately thought Alex was cute from the get-go, but it was obvious that he wasn't paying attention to me at all. This ticked me off more than I anticipated, especially when I realized he was attrative. I was not expecting him to be cute at all, so I was a mix of anxious and pissed off. So I just drank and sat around watching Jessika, Nathan, Cameron, and the guy Jessika liked play beer pong.

The night went on with no changes really, Jessika got a lot drunker, and I started to sober up. I don't drink very fast because I hate the calories of beer. That being said, though the hard alcohol hit me pretty hard at the beginning by the time we were wrapping it up at 2 AM I was not even buzzed. I was almost completely sober. Jessika on the other hand was wanting to make out with this guy, so they ended up going off into her room and making noise. Both me AND Alex wanted to bail, so he asked if I wanted to catch a ride back with him and stay at his place. I figured why not, even though he very blatantly said to me earlier that he found Jessika super attractive and he didn't find me that was so much because he doesn't like "shy girls." Wow, uhm, yeah what the Hell? Anyway. . . .

Basically, in the long run me and Alex ended up getting some time alone to talk and get to know eachother and ended up hitting it off pretty well. We've seen eachother a couple times since that night and even if I still feel a little irked by the fact that he wasn't nessasarily attracted to me, I'll try to look past it.

We ended up taking Nathan home that night and he talked all the way back. It was funny because me and Alex just sat there quiet the entire time and he went on and on and on. That sort of made me realize why Alex thought I was shy.... I barely said anything that night because I couldn't get a word in.

Anyway, that was my experience with that. Pretty crazy shit last weekend. This week school has been good. Got one of the highest grades in class on one of my accounting tests, got a 102 on my Japanese test, and got a bunch of projects done in visual basic.

Yeah, I'd say things are going very, very well.

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