Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My entire face hurts.

I hate being sick, I really do... and it happens to me way too often. I'm pretty sure I have a sinus infection. My eyes are sore, my nose is runny, my teeth hurt, I've consumed way too many bad calories and I feel gross. No coffee, caffiene or bronkaid all day. Maybe I would of been able to rally this morning had I taken some. I took a bath a couple hours ago, which helped sort of... I was angry though because I keep on being reminded that my mom busted our bath drain when she replaced it to make it look prettier.

Stayed home from school today. Probably wouldn't of made it otherwise.. I feel like such shit, there's no way I could of gotten any work done. And with all the work that I have to do this weekend at my hellish job, today was the only day I could of slept. Slept for probably nine hours or so. Felt nice... But as always, when I miss school, there's the guilt. The guilt of not being there, of damaging my grades, of missing out on something... it makes me so paranoid. BUT not as paranoid as missing a day of work, that'd be more of a nightmare to lose my job. I feel like I have more control over my grades because I'm good at cramming and studying, but I don't feel like I'm good at my job and could get easily fired any time.

I found this earlier and thought it was funny. I actually think a couple of these guys are cute.
You know what I feel like doing that I haven't done in ages? Playing my DS... I just want to zone out and play pokemon.

My sister was working on some articles for school for like 3 hours and didn't save ONCE and lost all her work. Been there done that, but my god for how long she was working how could she not save once? She's out there crying. I can't say I feel that sorry for her. It's a tough lesson to learn but how many times do you have to learn it before you realize that it's a good idea to save your work?

God I'm getting cotton mouth something fierce. I just took my motion sickness relief pills for sleep and I smoked a little earlier, I'm starting to feel pretty weird as I write this. There's a lot that I want to say but typing on this computer is really uncomfortable and I want to go to bed soon. This desk gives me splinters and I can't lean comfortably in my bed. mehh.

Today is my payday, sort of. I'm happy that I have $347 in the bank right now that my paycheck is going to stack on top of. That's a decent amount of money to get myself a new purse and a knitted hat. I also have to start thinking about Christmas shopping. Two months is awhile, but I've got a lot of people that I need to buy for.
People that I need to buy for:
-Dad (ugh)
-Grandma Marty
-Mandy (maybe. Haven't talked to them in ages since the facebook insident this summer. Thanks Zoe!)

idk the rest. Things might change over time but that is all that it looks like I'm buying for right now.

Yeah I don't have very much family.

It's sad, there's going to be a big family get together down in Pheonix at my Grandma Chris's house, but we cant go because it takes two days to drive there and we only get five days off for Thanksgiving. Granted five days is enough time of a break in my opinion, but it's not enough time to take a trip.

I'll write more on the subject later.

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