Monday, November 28, 2011

Let the Climax begin! ~6~

I had to post this picture that posted.
I swear to God whenever i'm in a crap mood (and just happen to be at home on my computer which is pretty often when I'm pissed about something if I'm not at work...) this site will make me laugh my ass off.

I didn't realize that his blog entries actually post MP3s too. I've been openning them with my zune software all night. Basically, the guy that runs this site lives up in Canada and finds the humor in tacky vintage shit. He goes to thrift stores and even finds old hard drives (like, Windows ME old) and upload the priceless stuff he finds on them. He's got two youtube channels: and His blog has a lot more variety than his Youtube. I'd really like to someday support his site by buying stuff from his "Crap" shop, but I still don't have $10 to blow on a Merna cup. Gasoline, gasoline, gasoline. . . I'm so tired of spending money on it.

Tomorrow is going to be nice, I don't have work practically at all this week except for Friday and Saturday. Granted, this paycheck that i'm getting this week is going to suck and the next one is going to be even worse, but I have spent about $150 in the last couple weeks and as long as I make more than that I'll be happy to be back up at $750-$800 again. That money that I made will be out of my hands in seconds with that damn tablet though. When I hinted that I'd be getting something she really needed, I wasn't aware of how many hours I'd be getting cut from the 28 a week when I said it.

My studying sort of alternates. I study Japanese on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and math on Mondays and Wednesdays. The problem with Japanese this quarter has been that I prodominantly work on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I haven't had nearly as much time to practice speaking. My speaking right now, ugh. Just awful when we start the new grammar. I just freeze when sensee is watching me speak, and it makes it worse. Today when I was in a really good mood things came at least a little more naturally, especially when I'm talking to other students. But with sensee, not so good. : / i'm not excited for the oral exam, but as always, I can do it! I just gotta beliiiiieve!

Day 6. Damn, already I'm getting a lot better at this. It's taking time to get used to this new relationship. It makes me happy every day that I'm commited to it. But nobody has to know about it. Probably better if they don't. People are just too damn competitive, and it's obnoxious.

Still haven't wrapped those presents. Dad's vest is sitting in a bag next to my clothes basket. Remind me to put away the rest of those clothes and wrap my dad's gift tomorrow.

OH! I had a math test today! Chapters 11 and 12 baby! You know what that means?! I've officially gotten through an ENTIRE math book. I don't think I've ever done that before. Chapters 1-12. And it's almost time for the exam and I'm not as nervous as I am excited. I've studied so hard for this freaking thing, with the help of a lot of tutors and a LOT of patience.

I think I did pretty good on the test. I only got stumped on one of them-- she had to make the interest problem with an interest rate that compounds "semi-annually." Granted, I had the formula memorized going into the test, but because I didn't know what semi-annually meant I didn't know how many times a year it compounded! Shit!! What a stupid thing to miss. God damn it, semi-annually means twice a year. I was thinking bi-annual meant twice so what did semi- mean? Three times? It made me mad and during the test I just needed to go forward so I just did the basic compounding interest formula. At least that'll get me partial credit I hope.

Kim made me sort of irritated today, though she didn't intend too.. I got to the classroom at about 2:45, which has become more of a study room for me because it's quiet and warm and nobody comes in until 4:45 when class starts. So usually I'll go to the S building to the tutoring center for an hour, then come to the W building at 3:30 or so and study more. Anyway, I decided to skip the tutoring center today because I was running a little later and didn't want to deal with all the schlepping, so I sat down and realized I didn't have my book. This is a big problem in math because my notes aren't very cleanly laid out and I very rarely refer to them-- I go straight to the book for reference and for problems.

I texted Kim, asking if she'd like to study with me early so I can get a chance to look at the Chapter 12.2 (I had no idea how to do some of the f o g (x) crap which turned out to be pretty simple). She told me that she wouldn't be able to until 4'. A little desperate, I asked her if she was using it and if I could walk there to meet up to use it while she's in class or whatever. But she wasn't in class, she was in the Hub studying math. She didn't invite me to come study with her or even offer to let me take a peek at the section. Idk, it just made me a little hurt when I've lent her my pink calculator twice when she forgot hers. It's okay though, I admit I can be really talkative and distracting, and I know the importance of studying alone.

Regardless, I ended up getting what I needed to get done. Pretty sure I did well. I look forward to seeing how I did on Wednesday and I hope it's good enough to give me a good feel for the final. I've been doing the packets too... they're lame. I'm lame. bah haha

Shit it's almost 12.


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