Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So, I was sort of digging this guy named Zach for about a week, and thought he was really sexy. We got together and he acted like he really liked me. Few days past, no word from him. So I texted him and asked if we were going to talk again or what, and he called me paranoid. One of "those girls. -____-" and we never talked again. So, I go on his facebook today, and looked at his status. It says "Stupid stubborn girl >.> sigh" and then has another post that some girl posted that says: CANCER Great Kisser. Very high sex appeal. Great in bed. Most horny." and then some thing about libras and a heart. I start looking around a bit, and checked out her profile:

Some chunky ass, not even cute Asian girl that wears stupid Hot Topic shirts and lives in New York.
THIS is who he stopped talking to me for.

Sincerely, WHAT THE FUCK.

This just makes me sick. This guy told me he liked me, that he thought I was gorgeous, that he wanted to spend time with me.. then suddenly drops off to talk to THIS thing. I mean granted, if she was even a CUTE Asian girl, or seemed remotely interesting. . . .

It just makes me disgusted. I don't even know why I'm hurt and annoyed by this, but it just seems like this garbage is never ending when it comes to liking anyone. It's like any time I think it comes remotely close to even-- seeing that person that I find appealing more than once, something slaps me across the face. Men make me fucking sick. I'm just *never* good enough for them. But what, this troll is?

Or maybe it's just the guys I find attractive. Are they all just horrible people? Am I attracted to horrible people and am I just going to end up with someone that treats me like shit but because I'm attracted to that person I'm just willing to put up with it? I wish I wasn't this way. I wish I could like someone that is nice to me and treats me with respect, but instead I'm only attracted to these assholes who almost immediately treat me like garbage after coming to ME and showing interest in ME in the first place.
I can't let this happen again. I just can't. I can't let them touch me, I can't let them manipulate me, and I won't listen to any more of their fucking lies. Because all they do is lie, and even if they seem at all interested in me,  they're lying. And they just want sex. That's all men want, is sex. And they're willing to say, or do anything to get it. And these are the men I'm attracted too, and I'm never going to get anything else. So in order to protect myself, if I ever have interest in anyone physically or if they have that -thing- that I'm interested in, I need to immediately avoid them because all they want is sex and they're all horrible people.

This is why I'm going to be forever alone.

And let me just say that in my title, I am just refering to any man that I've ever been attracted to and has fucked me over, hurt me, or treated me like garbage. Because I'm done. I'm just fucking done with all of it. Because I've been fucked over more than any 20 girls I know, and I've given up on ever finding what everyone else seems to get so easily.

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