Friday, November 25, 2011

Takes the edge off. ~3~ Sororities

Today I finally got a chance to see my friend Robert, after more than a couple months of not seeing him.

For the first time I remembered to give back his playstation, and I would of lended him the flip video too if my sister wasn't home to see I was lending it to him. I know that she would of freaked out if I got it out of her room, because she always acts like I'm stealing stuff from her and even if that's MY camera and I have the right to do what I please with it, my mom acts like because she bought it my sister should take top priority over it versus my friend. Well I'm sorry but if one of my best friends wants to use it after lending me his playstation 2 since the summer (like June I think?) I think he should damn well be able too.

 I borrowed his playstation because I had this crazy craving to play DDR and use it as a workout routine instead of running. Can you blame me? It was so hot this summer and I didn't want to have to go out running at 5 everyday. It made my hair all sweaty and greasy and I could only go before it got too dark. So with DDR it allowed me to procrastinate because I could play it at night right before I went to bed instead of having to go when I could potentially make plans. So yeah, DDR was an addition to what my exercise regime was this summer, which I needed because at the time I was eating a lot and wasn't working-- aka a lot of sitting around doing nothing.

So here's something I've never talked about:


Something that honestly isn't a big interest of mine at all, but something on facebook caught my eye today and I thought I'd write a little about it....

Apparently, Chelsie Elliot got into a fraternity at University of Washington and this is a very big deal.

This just caught my eye because I really don't have any idea why it's a big deal. This is all I really know-- So fraternities are these exclusive-- or not so exclusive groups of people in college or something and I think they live together and spend time together. Maybe do like.. club stuff together? I really don't know how it all works. But what better time to learn about it now. Personally, in my experience with clubs I've never had a particularily good time, but maybe that's because all of the clubs that I've been in were non-exclusive? Does the exclusiveness of being in a group that only accept certain people verify someone's existance to the point that it makes them feel better about themselves? What the hell is up with the whole greek thing??

What better place to look than wikipedia.

Well, wikipedia didn't have anything on the Alpha Sigma Nu group at Gonzaga, so I had to look it up on Google more specifically. I found a bullitan about it...

Apparently, the Alpha Sigma Nu program is recognized as being some of the highest achieving students in the school. People are judged on getting in or not based on their academic achievement, leadership skills and community service. This to me sounds a lot like applying to a scholarship-- nobody actually LIKES community service, it's unpaid work. People that are my age that do community service are only doing it for their own selfish reasons, in my opinion. No, I'm not saying that people my age that do community service aren't doing it because it makes them feel better about themselves for the service that they're doing, because I'm sure it does in a lot of cases. But I also feel like the main reason for doing the service is not for the self satisfaction or what they're doing the service for, but how good it will look on a scholarship application, a resume, etc... So I guess this is the same thing. I'm wondering where Chelsie did the community service.

I just think it's a pretty incredible honor to her. I mean, there are some girls that have just always worked really hard in school and did outstanding all throughout their years-- even in elementary, middle school, etc... and now they're doing it up in college. Like, Chelsie, Jennifer Wahlquist, Emily Deford, Emily Blizard.. they're always just been REALLY good at school. They've always turned their work in, studied for tests, planned ahead, read for hours,... So much of that stuff never came to me until I was like in my Junior year in highschool. HOW to get good grades and HOW to put in the right amount of work to succeed. Of course today I study my ass off and get really good grades, but somehow they understood this concept when they were just in elementary school. My mom thinks it's because they have strict parents.. I honestly couldn't picture Emily Deford's mom being that strict or Chelsie's. I can DEFINATELY picture Jennifer's mom being scary strict though about how well Jennifer did in school, though.

"First of all, only the top 15 percent of juniors and seniors from each school within the university, based on grade point average, are considered for acceptance.

Then the applications are sent and the process really begins. Applicants are screened by the current members. Finally, votes are held to determine the inductees.

The society is based on the ideas of academics, leadership and service, and all three aspects are weighed heavily during the selection process. So, it isn't just the people with the few top grade point averages that get in. Only 8-10 members are inducted each year."

I copied that from the website that I read about it on. That's craziness that she got into that. There's like thousands of people at Gonzaga. I started talking to my mom about the surrorities and she said that not all of them are the same, and a lot of them are just for partying connections. That I can definately also see with the houses of gross guys barely doing anything in school living together. Yet, why would some people want to be in one if it has a bad reputation?? I bet there's anime fanclub surrorities too, haha ick.

And maybe I'm wrong about people that do community service. Yeah, they're not Jesus but maybe they get a better sense of purpose if they do community service in their surrority and feel they're giving back in their community for the opportunities that they've been given. That sounds like a better way of putting it. People are probably better than I think and need to stop looking at things to crudely.


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