Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friends can make things amazing. ~5~

I had probably the most kick ass weekend.

But not because I've been pretty consistantly blazed this weekend, being thanksgiving and stressed over finals and all, but for the fact that I saw four of my best friends in the past few days (since friday). I saw Robert on Friday, then I saw Michael on Saturday before work and Katharine after work. Then I saw Katelynn today. It was just awesome to see all of them and catch up about things.

Roberts been good, just working mainly and hanging out with Vicki a lot. Things don't really change with him too frequently. He's going to school too, but he's never as stressed out or even talks about it like I do. I don't think school is that interesting to him, to be honest. Who knows what he'll end up doing. He's pretty happy with Vicki, and he doesn't seem too close to any of the other guys. Surprisingly, me and Tyler have been talking again. Tylers just been hanging out with Logan. Same shit. Logan's actually visiting Tyler from Boise right now.

Michael has just been going to UW, wondering what he's going to do with his life more than anything. He's not sure if he even wants to be a doctor anymore, though if he becomes one I think his parents will be proud of him regardless of his sexuality. I think it must be really hard to be gay and have to come out to your parents, especially when your parents are strict and Chinese... Hell, I should be happy that I'm not a lesbian, I don't think my parents would be particularily accepting either, even if they're democrats and pretty tolerant for the most part. Michael has also been taking 400 level classes, which I'm pretty damn proud of him for. I think it's pretty incredible how hard he works, period.

Katharine has just been getting by, from the way she sounds. Brian and her have been going strong, and she doesn't seem to have nearly as many problems with her living situation now that she has a new roomate. But I think she might feel like she's ready to move onto the next stage of her life-- like into her profession and such. It's hard to believe that she's only a year older than me and she's already ready to grow up and take that step when I'm still just going to cbc and haven't had much of a chance to get out in the world yet. But what's the huge damn rush. I feel like I'm at a good spot for me currently, but I'd rather not stick around here for another year if I can possibly help it. Anyway, Katharine and me talked a little about Dylan too. It sounds like he's really happy over in Florida. Well, seems like everyone thats gotten out of the tri-cities for awhile is having a much better time.

Katelynn has been WAY better than what she was just a couple months ago dealing with her mom and Jon. Allan is doing a really good job helping with the housework at their new apartment. Their apartment is really cute, and Katelynn has really good taste. Like, she's made this little apartment that could potentially be shady really cute and classy. She's so mature and independent. I admire her for it, she's always pretty much had to take care of herself. Like she was telling me today how Allan asked her how she learned how to cook and she just told him that she always had to do it. I'm pretty sure the first person that I live with will be... interested by my cooking?? I mean if he likes Asian food and Mediterranian he's SET. But yeah, honestly you guys I can't even make good nachos. lol maybe cause I don't like nachos at all?

Damn, it's already 10:11. You guys know how much work I have to do. How much I've procrastinated. Oral exams are in 3 days. Hannah's probably getting annoyed with my speaking proficiency. No way. I'm gonna make a change. The second I get done with this blog entry, I'm gonna turn off my computer, turn off this kickass Ween music, and get on with it. Oh my god this song though, it's so amazing. All of it is. I'm so happy Katelynn let me borrow these CDs. It's such feel good music.

Shit, time to get on with it. Why is getting to work so hard? I just want to enjoy my night.... Nope! I've been enjoying my time all damn weekend. Spent too much money. haha


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